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4 Unique Gift Ideas with a Personal Spin

4 Unique Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a unique, personalized gift that will put a smile on a special person’s face? Well, your long search is finally over. A personalized gift highlighting a special moment or memory for the recipient will show your loved one just how much you care. In this blog, we’ll go through four of our best-selling, unique gifts that will be treasured for years to come.

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  1. Custom Star Map, from $28, rated 5/5
  2. Met, Engaged, Married Map, from $28, rated 4.5/5
  3. Personalized Moon Phase, from $24, rated 5/5
  4. Birth Poster, from $69, rated 4.5/5

Why Do Unique Gift Ideas Mean More?

You may be asking yourself, why choose a personalized gift at all? Why not pick something up off the shelf? Well, it depends on why you’re buying the present in the first place. 

Sometimes, you’re buying a gift for someone who will tell you exactly what to buy for them. Those are the easy cases! Run to the mall, pick up a trinket, wrap it up, and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. 

But in many cases, buying a gift isn’t so the recipient has more stuff or because you feel an obligation — it’s to show the recipient you care deeply about them and that your relationship is something special to you. 

For trickier cases, such as anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays for loved ones, getting a thoughtful, unique gift will mean much more to the receiver. Let’s look at wonderful, unique gifts you can buy right now at Positive Prints that will bring joy to all those closest to you. 

1. Custom Star Maps 

Capture the magic of the first time you met, dated, or kissed your partner with a custom star map! Our personalized star maps show what the night sky looked like at a specific location at a particular moment. 

Of course, a custom star map can be used to commemorate any special moment, such as a wedding anniversary or the day a child was born, but there’s something about the stars that lend themselves to romance. Almost every detail can be personalized, from the style and format right down to the messaging on the picture itself. 

Find out why our high-quality custom star maps have hundreds of five-star reviews from happy customers. Buying a gift for somebody who loves astrology and all things found in the night sky? Check out our 29 Astronomy Gift Ideas for Everyone’s Inner Moon Child.

how to personalize star map

2. Met, Engaged, Married Map

Are you here because your wife/husband casually mentioned that it’s your anniversary soon, and they’re looking forward to seeing what thoughtful gift you purchased? Maybe it’s the first anniversary of that special occasion, and you didn’t realize until the last minute that you forgot to buy a gift?!

Fear not, my sweet summer child. Help is at hand. If you want to nail that anniversary gift perfectly, look no further than a “Met, Engaged, Married” map. These fully personalized maps show where you met your spouse, where you became engaged, and the location where you tied the blissful knot. 

As with all maps at Positive Prints, the map is fully customizable, allowing you to choose between different locations, styles, and messaging to craft something your better half will truly appreciate. And while you’re here, it’s never too early to start thinking about birthday gifts! Get ahead of the curve with our Birthday Gift Ideas for the Spouse Who’s Not Easily Impressed.

how to personalize met engaged married map

3. Personalized Moon Phase Print 

Just as some of us are dog people and others are cat people, some of us are moon people, and others are for the stars. If you (or your beloved) is more moon than stars, then a) I congratulate you on your exquisite taste, and b) they’ll love a personalized moon phase print commemorating a special moment in your relationship. 

With Positive Prints, you can capture an image of the moon exactly as it looked on the night you first met, the night you got engaged, the night you got married, or perhaps the night your favorite child was born (we all have favorites!). 

The Personalized Moon Phase Prints we sell here at Positive Prints are easy to customize, come in six different styles, and get rave reviews from our satisfied customers. The detail of the moon’s surface is accurate enough to even appeal to eagle-eyed astronomers! If you’re looking for a gift that says, “I Love You To The Moon & Back”, check out our gift guide for moon lovers.

4. Baby Prints For New Parents

If anyone has experienced the absolute joy of spending time with a newborn baby, the thing that stays with you is how tiny and adorable they are. Their tiny hands! Their tiny fingers! Teeensy fingernails! It’s enough to make the heart melt. 

Of course, newborns don’t stay that size forever. They grow up so quickly that the moment passes before you know it! Our personalized Birth Poster (baby print), with a 1:1 scale of the newborn’s length at birth, is a delightful gift forever treasured by new parents. 

Choose between various sketches, customize the text, and of course, the key detail: the height and weight of the baby itself. For those doubly or triply blessed, the print can be customized to accommodate twins or even triplets. If you’re in the market for a gift for a new parent, why not check out our Sentimental Gifts for New Parents?

baby sketch poster

Finding the Perfect Unique Gift

We’ll end with a handful of expert gift-giving tips that expert and novice gift buyers can rely on to help them purchase a perfect gift every time.

1. Plan ahead 

Our number one tip is to start thinking about gifts in advance. The best way to give a terrible gift is to leave it last minute and do a mad dash around the shops the night before. 

Instead, mark dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions in your calendar so they don’t sneak up on you. This is important because if you’re buying online, you’ll want to factor in delivery times so you don’t miss the special day. 

2. Listen and consider the recipients’ interests 

Try to listen to the person you’re buying a gift for and make a mental note of what they say they like. Buying a gift is much easier if you pay attention to what people say they want! You can always get the ball moving by asking some exploratory questions too.  

Alternatively, pay attention to the things that the giftee buys for themselves. Even more so, what someone says and does can reveal what’s truly important to them.

3. Personal beats generic

Lastly, try to be personal with your gifts when you can. If you’re buying a gift for someone you’ve not met before or don’t know so well, like your child’s teacher, it’s totally fine to get a generic gift like chocolate, flowers, or a bottle of wine. 

But if you’re buying a gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband, you should be more thoughtful and get something personal that shows you care. Gift buying is a perfect opportunity to get sentimental and show you treasure your relationship with someone special. 

We hope you’ve found this gift guide helpful and your brain is whirling with unique and memorable ideas. If you need more convincing that Positive Prints is the place to buy high-quality personalized gifts, have a quick read of our reviews, and see how many happy gift buyers we’ve helped. 

Did you know we offer FREE worldwide shipping? Wherever you are, you can buy a high-quality, personalized gift that will make someone’s day. Start shopping now!