About Us

Meet the team behind Positive Prints and discover a new definition of personalized art.

Positive Prints: The Start of Our Journey

Picture it: a summer night in 2017. Marta and Rafal walked along the Vistula River under a starry night sky. Creativity is our middle name, so it came as no surprise that we both wanted to preserve this most perfect moment in a unique way. After a long and fruitless search, we decided to create our own personalized sky map for the night of our first date. The Strellas brand was born.

Developing the Positive Prints Brand

Three years passed, and while we love all things starry night, stellar projects weren’t enough for us. We had so many ideas to help others view life positively. And then, the name of our new brand appeared in the blink of an eye: Positive Prints.

Positive Prints captures unique memories and beautiful moments in personalized projects, from posters to canvases. We provide the base and tools to create custom projects with you as the author. It’s your story: we’re just here to help you illustrate it.

Let’s Be Honest: Who Are We, Really?

We talk a lot. We laugh a little too much. We love memes and GIFs. We have a weakness for customer service as we try to give more of ourselves than what others expect of us. In fact, we’re perfectionists in general. Our brand is dependent on the testimonials of satisfied customers, and we take our role to you seriously. We are moved by all the beautiful words, photos, and love stories you’ve shared over the years. So, if you are satisfied with our services, please feel free to share your opinion with others. We might feature you on our Instagram!

What Treasures Will You Find for Yourself?

If you’re looking for a gift idea that’s unique, original, and 100% tailored to the recipient, you’re in the right place. Our designs adorn walls and interiors all over the world. There is no place where our poster will not reach. It’s art suitable for everyone and made for someone.

Charities We Support

We want to make the world a better place - we donate a part of the profits from each order (1 zł) to local charities. Check out our complete list of supported charities.

Our motto:

"When emotions are hard to put into words, choose a gift that will speak for you!"


July 2017

Our first date under the stars changed our private and professional lives forever. We ended up not only becoming a couple but also creating an idea on how to commemorate heartwarming moments with Star Map Posters.

September 2019

We couldn't stop thinking about the artistry of the night sky - that's why we launched Moon Phase Poster. Our personalized moon posters recreate a moon phase of a given moment and look great hanging next to a star map poster.

November 2019

We've always been enthusiastic travelers, with many places around the globe that are near and dear to us. Personally, we love having map prints of our favourite travel destinations hanging in our living room. Thus, the idea of Custom Map Art was born. This one is for you, fellow travelers and wanderlusters.

January 2020

When our second daughter was born, we started thinking about a special poster to celebrate her arrival. Our next project would be a souvenir of this amazing little person joining our happy family. The Birth Poster Baby Sketch Poster in 1:1 scale makes a perfect lifelong memory of the moment your baby came to this world.

September 2021

Celebrating milestones in our relationships has always been important to us. We wanted to give something special to our friends when they were experiencing their happiest moments as a couple, from engagements to weddings to anniversaries. One evening brainstorm and a bottle of wine later, we came up with Met Engaged Married Poster.

October 2021

The older we get, the more minimalistic we become. Creating our latest Coordinates Art was a piece of cake. We've dreamt about something not so straightforward, something that makes people curious.

July 2022

We most easily express feelings with words. When words fail, we reach for music. That is why, in July 2022, we created the new tool: Soundwave Art. Thanks to this, you can transform a recording, a voicemail, or a favorite song into a spectacular work of art. It is a perfect idea to celebrate wedding vows, the first dance, or even a spectacular proposal!

August 2022

An amazing photo is the basis of any beautiful poster. It was from this lovely idea that the Photo Poster was born. The Photo Poster is a completely unique design tool with which you create wall art using YOUR own photo. You can then apply a color filter, decorate it with one of the themes, or add a caption. We'll be honest: it's our favorite design tool right now!

November 2022

We get it – the distance between two people can be challenging, but that doesn't mean it has to stay that way. That's why we created the Double Map! This is the perfect piece of art to celebrate a long-distance relationship or two different places where you were both born, worked or lived. This unique piece is sure to capture your personal story forever.

March 2023

Capture the moments that make life so precious with the Double Star Map! It's a beautiful way to remember the birth of your children, your parents or your love. Keep those milestones close to your heart and let them remind you of the unique and wonderful moments that make your life truly special.

March 2023

We all love to look up at the sky and wonder about the stars. Each star holds a unique story, including our own. From the first kiss in the moonlight to the night a dream came true, the Triple Star Map captures the sky in our special moments making memories last forever. It shines as brightly as the stars themselves!

April 2023

Bring your most precious memories to life by creating a personalised Photo Letter Collage with your own photographs! It is a creative way to combine words, symbols, and images into a one-of-a-kind design. So, gather your photos, let your creativity flow, and create your unique design!

August 2023

Star Map and Moon Phase posters were born out of our deep admiration for all things celestial. The Zodiac Sign poster completes the trifecta of the cosmic trail left by the birth of each person. It is designed to capture the unique personality traits and essence of each zodiac sign, allowing you to display your astrological spirit proudly.

October 2023

Immerse yourself in the beauty of our Watercolor Map and wrap your favorite spots in a colorful, personal hug. Each map is a whispered tale, a journey waiting to unfold. It's not just a poster; we wanted to add color to your world, painting it with the memories that matter most to you.

November 2023

Ever wondered what it would be like to transform your cherished photos into one-of-a-kind Line Art? Well, we turned that wonder into reality! Simply choose a special photo, and let the magic unfold through our artists' skilled hands. Turn your memories into personalized treasures!

January 2024

Meet our Star Map with Photo - a cosmic storyteller that goes beyond the ordinary. This poster not only captures the celestial alignment during your unforgettable moment but also lets you infuse a personal touch by adding your own photo from that special memory. We created it with meticulous care, to illuminate your space with its unique brilliance!


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