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26 Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas for the Girlfriend Who’s Not Easily Impressed (2023)

romantic gift ideas for girlfriend birthday

Girlfriends are great! One thing almost everyone can agree on is that time spent with your romantic partner is time well spent. If you’re lucky enough to have a girlfriend, one date you should remember is their birthday! If your girlfriend does have a birthday coming up, it’s a good chance to show her how much you love and appreciate her.
That being said, buying gifts for your girlfriend can be challenging. To help out, we’ve put together a list of birthday gift ideas for girlfriends so that you can find something perfect for her.

Use the links below to find gifts in your budget:

1. Top Choice: Birthday Star Map
from $28.00

Could this be the perfect gift for your girlfriend? Similar to a moon phase poster, a birthday star map recreates the night sky at the exact time your girlfriend was born. The moment she entered the world is worth celebrating with a sentimental gift. 

Birthday Star map is a perfect romantic gift ideas for a girlfriend’s birthday

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriends (Under $10)

For most people, buying the perfect birthday gift is about something other than spending a certain amount of money.  In fact, there are a lot of low-cost gift ideas out there that don’t cost the world! Lots of girlfriends say the best possible gift is quality time with their significant other. But it’s always nice to open up at least a couple of presents on your birthday. 

We’ve included some low-cost birthday gifts that she’ll love below:

2. USB Night Light

Treat your girlfriend to a spa day from the comfort of her very own home. This birthday-themed spa box gift set is filled with luxury bath items that will help her indulge and relax. The romantic gift ideas for a girlfriend’s birthday of “me time” will never disappoint.

Night Light for a romantic gift ideas for a girlfriend’s birthday

3. Heart-Shaped Foil Balloons

Balloons know no age. Make her feel young and free with this bunch of heart-shaped foil balloons. They’re compact and easy to carry, so you can create a party for her anywhere you go.

Heart-Shaped Foil Balloons

4. Handmade Cherry Blossom Card Pop-up 3D Card

Cards inherently hold sentimental value, but this special handmade cherry blossom 3D pop-up card will be worth holding onto forever. More like a work of art, this card is a symbol of love and life and includes room for you to write a personal message.

Handmade Cherry Blossom Card Pop Up 3D

5. Funny Keychain

The winning line to end all arguments is engraved on this funny “I love you most” keychain. It’s sweet enough to make your girlfriend feel special and cute enough to bring a smile to her face every time she sees it.

Funny Keychain

6. Romantic Vouchers
from $9.99

If romance is on your mind, these cute romantic vouchers can turn any date night up a notch. Your girlfriend can cash them in any time and take the guesswork out of planning the perfect date.

15 Romantic Vouchers

Birthday gift ideas for girlfriends (Under $20)

Choosing the perfect gift for your girlfriend means thinking long and hard about what’s right for them. To find birthday gifts she’ll love, try thinking about her interests or, even better, about shared memories you both treasure. 

Below, we’ve listed some of the best possible gifts for under $20.

7. ‘What I Love about You’ Fill in the Love Book

Telling her you love her is easy. Showing her just how deep your love goes is easier, thanks to this customizable Fill in the Love book. Write down all of the little things you love about her, and she will never forget. This is a thoughtful gift, especially if it comes with sweet messages already written inside!

What I Love About You Fill in the Love Book

8. Magnetic Couples Necklace

A few aesthetic steps above those old-school best friends necklaces, this magnetic heart-shaped necklace is a simple yet beautiful way to show off your relationship. Each half mutually attracts when the other is near, symbolizing the strength of your love every time you wear it.

Magnetic Couples Necklace

9. Rose-Gold Birthday Bath Set

This rose-gold birthday bath gift set is bursting with fun. The elegant packaging and luxury quality bath products make this gift just as pleasurable to open as to use.

Fun Romantic Gift Idea for a Girlfriend’s Birthday

10. Natural Massage Oil

Chase away the stresses of your girlfriend’s day with this natural massage oil. Nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and vitamin E restore and relax the skin so she can feel her best on her birthday (and every other day). Be careful, though; once you start with the massages, you might find yourself an essential part of your girlfriend’s new beauty routine! 

Natural Massage Oil

11. Ceramic Jewelry Ring Holder

This bedside ring holder plate is the ideal catch-all for her jewelry at the end of a long day. Add a sentimental message so you’ll be one of the last things she thinks of at night.

Ceramic Jewelry Ring Holder

12. Sensual Essential Oil Set

Move over scented candles. This set of three sensual oils set the stage for endless massages. Get the best of aromatherapy, relaxation, and other health benefits. This is a great present for relieving stress.

Sensual Essential Oil Set

13. ‘You Hold the Key to My Heart’ Decoration

If your girlfriend adores trinkets, this tiny glass bottle with a key can give her warm, fuzzy feelings whenever she holds it. A small note saying, “You hold the key to my heart,” is held in place by a dainty red string around the bottle’s cork.

You Hold the Key to My Heart Decoration

14. Heart-Shaped Earrings

For the girlfriend who loves jewelry, these heart-shaped earrings give her one less thing to worry about. They’re dressy enough for a night on the town yet subtle enough to wear to work or when she is out and about.

Heart-Shaped Earrings

Birthday Gifts for Girlfriends ($20 and Over)

Your girlfriend’s birthday is a special occasion, and your girlfriend is a special lady, so if you can afford it, why not spend a little more? You can find the perfect present for your other half using the thoughtfully curated gift ideas below:

15. Birthday Moon Phase Poster

For the lunar lover in your life, a birthday moon phase print holds a special meaning. These prints recreate what the moon looked like on the night she was born. You can personalize your moon phase poster with lines of text, such as a quote, song lyrics, date, or anything that will make her treasure her gift even more.

Birthday Moon Phase Poster is a perfect romantic gift ideas for a girlfriend’s birthday

16. Romantic Sterling Silver Infinity with Heart Necklace

Falling in love with your best friend is a love designed to last forever. Celebrate a relationship like no other with a stunning infinity charm necklace, symbolic of everlasting love.

Romantic Sterling Silver Infinity with Heart Necklace


A card game designed to prompt meaningful conversation, the WE’RE NOT REALLY STRANGERS Card Game is a thoughtful gift, especially if you are in the relatively early stages of the relationship. The game divides into three different levels, with each level requiring more vulnerability and honesty than the previous one — you have been warned!

we're not really strangers

18. Curtain Light 138 LED Love Hearts

Create a romantic nook in your favorite room with this lovestruck LED curtain. Dangling hearts light up any space and offer different mode settings, such as waves, flashing, and slow fade.

Curtain Light 138 LED Love

19. Hearts with Beautiful Love Quotes

These 15 decorative wooden hearts come displayed in a beautiful wooden box. Each one bears a special message to remind your girlfriend just how special she is.

Romantic Gift Ideas for Girlfriend’s Birthday -  Hearts with Beautiful Love Quotes

20. Heart Necklaces

Show off your romantic side with this elegant heart necklace. These two intertwined hearts feature Swarovski crystals on a beautiful 925 silver chain. Best of all, it comes ready to gift in a little box to save you a step.

Heart Necklaces

21. Spa Set Birthday Box

Treat your girlfriend to a spa day from the comfort of her very own home. This birthday-themed spa box gift set is filled with luxury bath items to help her indulge and relax. The romantic gift of “me time” for a girlfriend’s birthday will never disappoint. Be sure to supplement this by adding romantic handwritten notes to the box!

Spa Set Birthday Box

22. Instant Camera

In the age of the smartphone camera, an actual physical photo is a rare but welcome sight. Instant cameras, like this Fujifilm Instax, are all the rage right now and make a cool gift that’s flashy and thoughtful. It’s a great gift on its own, but it can also be paired with an adventure challenge scrapbook for extra points.

23. Apple Watch

As with everything Apple, it doesn’t come cheap, but the Apple Watch is a great gift for the girlfriend with expensive tastes! With long battery life, an adjustable strap, and the sleek design we’ve come to expect from Apple products, it’s a gift that will impress even the fussiest of girlfriends. Oh, and if your girlfriend is already an Apple user, this gift is a safe bet.

Gifts for an Adventurous Girlfriend (Experiences and Getaways)

Not all gifts have to be physical objects! Your girlfriend might like to join you on a romantic getaway or simply have a great date night.

24. Romantic Getaway Voucher

The next vacation can sometimes feel like a very long way away! That’s why vouchers for a getaway are such a thoughtful present: your girlfriend gets all the fun of a vacation and none of the stress. You could go camping in a National Park, or if budget allows, spend the time instead at a luxurious retreat.

25. Date Night Voucher

If you’re lucky enough to have a girlfriend who thinks that time spent together is the greatest gift, why not do something romantic like getting her a date night voucher? You could see a new city or return to an old one — maybe go for Italian food, or revisit the scene of your first kiss.

Of course, you don’t need to use a voucher site to organize a good date night, and you and your girlfriend can DIY your own awesome date night with just a little creativity.

26. Learn to Fly!

If you’re looking to literally sweep your girlfriend off her feet and up into the air, why not give her the gift of flight for a truly unforgettable present? Starting at $99, these vouchers range from hot air balloon rides to flight lessons. Your girlfriend deserves the best, and this is a memory that will stay with her forever.

For more romantic gift ideas, browse our thoughtful and sentimental gifts for girlfriends. Or, keep reading our blog for more gift ideas!