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Personalized Prints for Anniversaries

Art can inspire us all. It shows us not only what is, but also what can be. The right art can also remind us of some of our most treasured memories, like the day we married our soulmates — even if that day was many years ago.

Personalized prints capture these special moments and serve as beautiful reminders of our life's story. The day you said “I Do” was just a small chapter in your narrative, but it's one that has helped to shape the rest of your story going forward. Celebrating an anniversary is a time to look back on that chapter, and a personalized print illustrates it in a way you can appreciate every day.

Choosing Custom Wall Art for Anniversary Gifts

Many couples choose to surprise their loved one with an anniversary gift you can't simply pluck off the store shelves. They want their gift to have deeper meaning, something that will make them light up with joy.

Custom wall art is often an unexpected gift but also one that will become an instant favourite . It's one that is “used” every day since it's displayed in the home. Every time you and your loved one see it, you can be reminded of one of the best days of your life and all the moments in life that brought you to your current time.

Anniversary Custom Art Ideas

Gifting a piece of custom wall art for an anniversary is easy! You don't have to be an expert artist or designer to create a wall-worthy piece your spouse will love. At Positive Prints, we've done much of the heavy lifting for you and have crafted our 3-step process to be as quick and simple as possible. Some of our favourite designs for anniversaries include:

Met Engaged Married Map

This is a beautiful, artistic illustration of your love’s journey and can help you retell and relive your story through the years. A Met, Engaged, Married map makes an excellent gift for your better half or for a special couple in your life.

Where We Met Map

Remember the place where the magic started! A Where We Met map pinpoints the spot where your love story began.

Anniversary Star Map

Recreate what the night sky looked like on a date that's most important to you. Add elements like the Milky Way, planets, and constellations to see how the universe aligned for you on that day.

Where We Met Coordinates

Every place on the planet can be found using GPS coordinates, including that very special spot where you met the love of your life. Where We Met coordinates captures the exact spot where the magic started and turns it into a custom wall hanging that you can cherish for a lifetime.

How to Personalize Your Anniversary Wall Art

Personalizing an anniversary gift means making it special to the person you're giving it to. If they have a favourite quote or saying, consider adding it to your custom wall art. Or, if your print focuses on the day you met or the day you married, you might include the date and location of the occasion.

Positive Prints takes the guesswork out of personalization by offering many ways to make your gift unique. Using our 3-step creator, you can select from multiple colour schemes and print shapes, as well as add lines of text. In addition, we offer several standard print sizes for your wall art, along with a canvas option and a poster with a frame.

Treasure Your Favourite Memories ― Together

Your most special memories are a tapestry of your life and they deserved to be honoured in the best possible way. Reminisce this anniversary with a personalized print that will keep your memories alive for the ages.