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36 Gift Ideas for Newly Engaged Couples

36 gifts for a newly engaged couple

When a couple in your family or your circle of friends has recently gotten engaged, you may be interested in getting them a gift to celebrate the occasion. If you’re unsure of what to buy, consider the ideas below for some unique gifts for newly engaged couples. Most of the items on this list are under $50, so you don’t have to break the bank to find something thoughtful.

Engagement Map
from $28.00

Our top gift for a newly engaged couple is the engagement map, available from Positive Prints. This thoughtful and meaningful gift is entirely customizable and shows a graphic representation of where a couple’s engagement occurred. For instance, if they were engaged on the beaches of Hawaii, the customizable map will show the exact location the magic happened! What’s even better is that the engagement map starts at just $28.00, which is a bargain for such a unique and memorable gift.

engagement maps - best gifts for newly engaged couple

I Said Yaaas Engaged Mug

As the top Amazon gift for newly engaged women, the “I Said Yaaas” mug is quirky and allows the bride-to-be to show off her status as an engaged woman. The mug is handmade and features attractive gold-colored lettering.

I Said Yaaas Engaged Mug

Wedding Day Countdown Calendar

The Wedding Day Countdown Calendar is a six-piece block set that comes with four six-sided numbered blocks as well as a “Mr. & Mrs.” block and a block that reads, “days until.” This decorative piece is fun to display in living areas and will be well appreciated by a newly engaged couple.

Wedding Day Countdown Calendar

Wedding Planner & Organizer

Also among the top gifts for a newly engaged couple is this floral print wedding planner and organizer. Keeping track of the details of a wedding can be challenging, but this gift makes things easier with helpful tips, budgeting advice, space to keep track of appointments, and wallets where you can store magazine cutouts and photos.

Wedding Planner & Organizer

Wine Glasses for Fiance

The fiance’s wine glasses are a perfect gift for a couple, as they contain one for him and one for her. Conveniently packaged in a set of two, this gift is sure to make any newly engaged couple smile.

Wine Glasses for Fiance

Met Kissed Engaged Map
from $28.00

Our Met, Kissed, Engaged Maps at Positive Prints are actually a series of three smaller maps displayed as a single poster print. Each map highlights the location of an important milestone in your love story: the place you met, where you shared your first kiss, and where you decided to spend forever together.

met kissed engaged map

I Do Slippers
from $18.71

For a special woman in your life, the “I Do” slippers make a perfect engagement gift. These slippers come with memory foam insoles for a cushiony soft feeling, and they are available in multiple colors. They are also available in an “I Do Crew” version for bridesmaids!

I Do Slippers

Diamond Ring Pool Floats

For those who enjoy floating in the pool or relaxing on the beach, the diamond ring pool float is an entertaining gift for newly engaged couples. Shaped like a diamond ring, this pool float can serve as a raft for floating, or the ring portion can be used as an intertube.

Diamond Ring Pool Floats

Zip Cosmetic Case

The zip cosmetic case features a diamond ring pattern in glitter gold, and it runs at only $6.97, if you just want to buy something small to show your excitement for a bride-to-be. You might consider filling it with her favorite lipgloss or travel-size perfume for when she is on-the-go.

Zip Cosmetic Case

Soy Candle

A newly engaged couple will appreciate this soy candle, which is infused with Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, and Sage and comes printed with the humorous phrase, “Engaged AF.” In addition to offering a gift idea for a newly engaged couple, the makers of this candle, Wax and Wit, can provide you with the perfect wedding or bridal shower gift, as they have candles for every occasion. Other candle options come printed with phrases like, “Don’t do meth in our bathroom.”

gifts for newly engaged couple - soy candle

Mickey Proposing to Minnie Ring Dish

We all know someone who is a lover of all things Disney, and if a newly engaged couple in your life fits this category, this Disney Traditions figurine, which features Mickey proposing to Minnie, is sure to be a hit. This handmade figuring comes with a branded gift box and is made from stone resin.

Mickey Proposing to Minnie Ring Dish

Funny Tumbler 2pcs Set

This two-piece set of tumblers includes one for the groom-to-be and another for the bride-to-be. The tumbler for the male reads, “One Great Fisherman” while the woman’s reads, “Best Catch of His life.” Each tumbler is made with stainless steel and features a BPA-free lid.

Funny Tumbler 2pcs Set

Bride Bag Tote

The Mrs. Bride Bag Tote serves as a beach bag, or it could be a carry-along bag to go to work or on outings around town. It comes with a convenient pouch that can serve as a makeup bag or a place to throw necessities like keys, credit cards, and sunglasses. Both the tote bag and the pouch are made from canvas material.

Bride Bag Tote

Socks – 2-Pair

These socks make an ideal gift for a newly engaged couple that enjoys lounging around the house. The two-pair set includes one for him and one for her; the groom-to-be can kick his feet up and watch movies while wearing tuxedo patterned socks, as his future bride wears socks patterned with diamond rings.

Socks - 2-Pair

Picture Frame

Engagements mean there will be no shortage of pictures in the couple’s future. This 8 by 10-inch picture frame can be hung on a wall or stood up on a desk. It includes a clip for a 4 by 6 inch photo and is perfect for an engagement photo or a wedding shot of the couple. 

Picture Frame

The Marriage Survival Kit

The Marriage Survival Kit is ideal as a gift for newly engaged couples with a sense of humor. It comes with his and hers tumblers as well as coasters that are printed with tips for surviving marriage. The kit also includes decision-making dice and couple’s coupons.

The Marriage Survival Kit

Wedding Cake Scented Candle

The wedding cake scented candle is another top engagement gift for couples. This soy wax candle smells just like a wedding cake and comes printed with the phrase, “Smells like I’m getting married.” Newly engaged brides-to-be will love to show this candle off at home or the office.

gifts for newly engaged couple - candle

Wine Opener with Chiller

The cordless wine opener with chiller is the ideal gift to bring to an engagement party. On one charge, it can remove up to 30 wine bottle corks at the touch of a button. The chiller can keep wine cold for hours on end, so the couple’s favorite bottle of wine doesn’t get warm over the course of an evening.

wine opener

Wedding Vow Books, His and Hers

This two-piece set comes with a book for the future groom, as well as one for the future bride. Each book contains 40 pages and provides space for writing wedding vows while also offering suggestions for vows. Perhaps the best part about this gift for newly engaged couples is that it is small enough for the bride and groom to hold in their hands at the altar, so there is no need to read from a piece of scrap paper during the wedding!

vow books

Honeymoon Sand Keepsake Jar

This gift is simple but meaningful: a decorative jar to place sand from the honeymoon in to keep forever. A soon-to-be-bride will find sentimental value in having a piece of the honeymoon displayed in the marital home.

sand keepsake jar

Let’s Have Coffee Together For The Rest Of Our Lives Coffee Mug Set

For that couple that can’t leave the house without their morning cup of coffee, this mug set is a perfect way to say congratulations after an engagement. One mug reads, “Let’s have coffee together…” and the other is printed with the words, “For the rest of our lives.” This unique gift is sure to make the couple smile.

gifts for newly engaged couple - coffee mug set

Fiancee T-Shirt
from $12.98

Available in both pink and blue, the fiancee t-shirt is a top gift for a newly engaged bride. The front of the shirt is printed with the word, “girlfriend,” which is crossed out, with the word fiancee printed immediately below. Any soon-to-be-bride in your life will enjoy showing off her status as an engaged woman with this shirt.

fiancee t-shirt

Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged Mug

Also a popular gift for brides-to-be is the “Does this ring make me look engaged?” mug. The campfire style mug is a pretty pastel pink color and comes printed with script font.

engaged mug

I said Yes Ring dish

This ring dish is printed with the words, “I said yes!” and is sure to be a favorite gift for newly engaged brides. It is small enough to travel with, so the bride-to-be can keep her engagement ring safe wherever she goes. It also has enough space for holding small pieces of jewelry like bracelets.

i said yes ring dish

Mr and Mrs Luggage Tags and Passport Holder

This gift set will prepare the newly-engaged couple for their honeymoon, or for future vacations together. It comes with his and hers luggage tags, as well as compact passport holders printed with, “Wherever there is love, there is life.”

passport holder

Custom Photo 3D Lamp

This photo 3d lamp for newly engaged couples will stand out because of how unique and thoughtful it is. Simply submit a favorite photo of the couple, and the makers of the product will create a 3D lamp that matches the photo. The product comes with a wooden base, with the option to customize the base with a personalized phrase like, “Love is in the air.”

3d lamp

Cookie Cutters 2-Piece

This two-piece set of cookie cutters is a perfect gift for a newly-engaged bride who is planning to host an engagement party or bridal shower in the near future. One cookie cutter is in the shape of a large diamond, while the other is shaped like a ring. Take one item off her to-do list by giving her a gift that she can use in party planning! 

cookie cutters

Cupcake Toppers

Another top party-planning gift for newly engaged couples is this set of cupcake toppers. Some are in the shape of hearts, whereas others are text cupcake toppers with phrases like, “She said yes.” The cupcake toppers are made from eye-catching glitter cardboard, and they are attached to food-grade toothpicks.

cupcake toppers

Scrapbook Album

This vintage scrapbook album contains plenty of space to include favorite wedding photos, as well as important keepsakes like wedding invitations and copies of bridal shower games. The book includes 60 pages and holds up to 100 photos and can also serve as a wedding guestbook!

scrapbook album

Couples Games – 110 Conversation Cards

This game can help couples to grow closer together during their engagement. It contains just over 100 conversation cards, each printed with a question that couples can ask to get to know each other on a deeper level. The conversation cards include questions that couples have probably never asked each other, so they can improve their communication and intimacy as the wedding day approaches.

gifts for newly engaged couple - couple games

52 Uncommon Dates

Perhaps a bit different than the other top gifts for newly engaged couples is this book that includes 52 date ideas. The book not only lists potential date ideas; it also includes a thorough description of each date, complete with how to make it happen, and how to incorporate prayer into the date to strengthen the relationship. Some unique dates in the book include a “second first date” and a “photography date.”


Date Night Cards

This book comes equipped with 150 different date ideas, so the couple can keep the spark in the marriage alive for years to come. Some categories of dates include sports, arts, and creative dates. There is sure to be something for everyone in this book, which also includes gift giving tips. 

gifts for newly engaged couple - date night cards

Engraved Calendar Date & Message Keychain

This personalized keychain allows you to select a date, which will be circled on the keychain. This is a perfect gift for a newly engaged woman who wants to remember her engagement date. The keychain also comes with a second customizable piece, on which you can write a sweet message, such as “Forever and Always.” 

engraved keychain

Wine Decanter

This wine decanter is a perfect date night gift for a newly engaged couple. It keeps wine fresh as you drink it and delivers wine straight to the glass with the simple push of a button!

wine decanter

Wine Cooler Bag

This wine cooler bag is large enough to store two bottles of wine, and it comes equipped with two wine tumblers. It includes convenient pockets for storing phones, keys, and other items, making it an ideal gift for an engaged couple that enjoys camping or spending time outdoors. They can simply pop a few bottles of wine and personal items in the bag, and head out the door to enjoy a date in nature.

cooler bag

Bathrobe for a Couple

This two-piece robe set is a favorite gift among newly engaged couples. The comfortable, kimono style robe is perfect for traveling and is available in numerous colors. It includes script embroidery with options such as “His” and “Hers” or “Wifey” and “Hubby” or the option to customize the script. 


This list of 36 gifts for a newly engaged couple truly includes something for everyone, and each gift is unique and thoughtful. With several customizable options, the list offers the opportunity to provide the couple with a meaningful gift they will cherish for years to come. Other options are very much engagement specific and offer a quirky, and sometimes humorous, alternative to traditional engagement gifts, like pots, pans, and bath towels!