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It’s Written in the Stars! Amazing Astrology Gifts for All Zodiac Signs

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It’s reasonable to suppose that astrology has existed in some form since humans stared up at those bright specks of silver adorning the night sky and gradually began to observe them moving in cycles.

The earliest recorded system of astrology discovered to date arose in ancient Babylon some 4,000 years ago. By the 5th century BC, under Persian rule, Babylonian astronomers had divided the 360° circle of the sky into twelve equal 30° segments, each governed by a different constellation that the sun appeared to pass through over a year. And so the zodiac first came to be.

This method of cataloging the stars for use as a calendar for marking time and a method for divining future events was adopted in due course by the Greeks, and the word “horoscope” is formed from two Greek words translating as “observer of the hour.” By the second century AD, under the influence of the ancient scholar Ptolemy, who lived in Alexandria in Roman-ruled Egypt, the system had been refined to become the western form of astrology we’re familiar with today.

Ancient and mysterious yet so familiar, the twelve signs of the zodiac, a celestial kaleidoscope of animals, humans, and mythical beasts, still strike a chord in so many of us today. This proves that the allure, intrigue, and even romance of astrology endures.

In a recent YouGov poll, over a quarter (27%) of those surveyed said they are believers in astrology and the influence of the position of stars and planets on their daily lives. However, it appears this celestial cycle, beginning with Aries, followed by Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and finally Pisces, remains familiar to almost everyone, even the skeptics, as it’s interesting to discover that 90% of Americans know which sign they were born under, whether they’re inclined to read their horoscopes or not.

The Allure of Astrological Gifts

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There’s no doubt that personalized gift-giving has become one of the strongest growing spending trends to emerge in the last couple of years. And you don’t need to read the stars to see that it’s an expressive urge that’s only getting stronger. Many experts have theorized that after enduring a global pandemic, our collective need to reach out and connect in meaningful ways to acknowledge family, friends, and loved ones, even when separated, has become even more important to many of us.

A truly thoughtful, personalized gift is more than a mere acknowledgment or a cursory thank-you; it’s a wordless and enduring way of expressing just how much we care, which is why we’re lucky to have so many unique gift ideas with a personal spin to help inspire us when it comes to finding that special something for a special someone.

No wonder then that, in terms of selecting presents that surprise and delight, thanks to their personal touch, astrology-related and zodiac gifts remain some of the most popular. 

It’s easy to understand why. After all, what could be more uniquely meaningful than striking artwork depicting special events, such as where and when a romance began or a child was born, marked by a Map of the Stars or a Phase of the Moon Print for that magical night — or maybe just a beautiful piece of Zodiac Art depicting a special someone’s star sign? 

Such gifts are likely to be well received by the most artistic star signs, such as Pisces, passionate creatives like Leo, or real appreciators of style and beauty like the immaculate Virgo!

Great Gifts for Astrology Lovers

Suppose you have a certain someone in mind who’s simply starry-eyed about their connection to the cosmos or just curious about star signs in general. In that case, you’ll be glad to know there’s a sky full of opportunities to create some wonderfully personalized zodiac-related horoscope gifts.

To begin unlocking that potential, it might help to be aware that not only does each star sign have its particular personality traits but also its own birthstone, flower, and even spirit animal, as you’ll discover here.

 Personalized Zodiac Sign Prints

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When you pick a fully customizable Zodiac Sign Art Print for a friend or loved one, you know you won’t be stuck for inspiration when creating something personalized and unique. Why not take a cue from a star sign’s birthstone color when it comes to color options? Maybe a rich amethyst purple for a conscientious Aquarius or the vibrant green or peridot for a confident Leo? There’s room for personalized text, too, to really help define who that special person is.

Personalized Star Map Prints

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Make a gift of a customized Star Map Print, and someone will hang a piece of heaven on their wall! Stylish star maps are ideal for celebrating a birthday or marking a birth. A beautiful depiction of just how the stars were aligned at that very moment, they’re perfect for other sentimental occasions, such as a fateful first meeting or a wonderful wedding day.

Personalized Moon Phase Map Prints

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As with the stars, so with the mysterious moon, the jewel of the night sky. And where the moon was in the heavens is as important for discovering personal traits through the horoscope as our sun sign. Our moon sign describes our inner life of emotions, feelings, and desires. Discover your moon sign here.

 Moon Map Prints make a bold and beautiful piece of graphic art, letting you recreate that mysterious lunar connection by discovering the phase of the moon at a significant event. Maybe you met under a waxing crescent or proposed beneath an almost full moon.

 Personalized “Where We Met” Map Prints

Where We Met Map

Of course, astrology gifts and zodiac-inspired artworks are an ideal choice as meaningful presents marking the birth of a new arrival. Still, they can also make a wonderfully romantic memento. 

Some astrologers might suggest that the geographic location of a significant event can also have an influence. This can tie into the idea of geomancy, where the energies of a particular place are believed to affect the experiences and interactions that occur there. In the context of a “Where We Met” Map, considering the astrological aspects of that location could add another layer of meaning to the memory being celebrated. Customizable text will let you remember the location of your first meeting and what was happening high in the celestial sphere as the stars in the zodiac gazed down on a blossoming romance.

How to Choose the Perfect Horoscope Gift

Great gifts for astrology lovers have the versatility to commemorate all types of significant events, whether it’s a birth, a marriage, or simply recollecting a special, sentimental moment.

Yet, with a range of equally striking options to choose from, how will you select the ideal astrology gift for that special someone? In answer, there probably couldn’t be a better time to look to the heavens!

For instance, the twelve sun signs of the zodiac are grouped into four further elemental groups: earth, air, fire, and water. Discover your star sign’s specific element here. It may be worth considering that the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces all express traits governed by lunar energy, so they might appreciate a Moon Phase Map more than most.

The most imaginative zodiac signs, such as Aquarius and Sagittarius, may just love staring at a sky full of stars hung on the wall. For the signs regarded by astrologers as the most romantic, such as Leo and Libra, what could be better than a delicious Double Star Map Print, allowing you and a loved one to show your place in the heavens and the special synastry (the unique compatibility between different star signs) that you share? It’s a gift that will work just as well for astrology-loving best friends or even close relatives.

Double Star Map

The super-practical earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo may well enjoy the aesthetically pleasing functionality of an astrologically Customized Map Art, and all 12 will surely not be disappointed with a classic, bespoke piece of Zodiac Sign Art.

Take It as a Sign

With so many choices and creative potential for personalized gift-giving to those with a passion and fascination for astrology, it’s just as well that each star sign’s unique personality is there to guide and inspire. And if you’re feeling fired up with enthusiasm for creating a truly exceptional astrology gift for a special someone, then, just maybe, you’re a Leo, Cancer, Virgo, or Aquarius — widely regarded as the zodiac’s most generous signs!

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