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The Full Moons of 2024: Unveiling the Mystical Meanings Behind Their Names

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The night sky has long been a canvas for human imagination, a source of inspiration, and a reflection of our connection to the cosmos. Among the celestial wonders that grace our heavens, few hold as much allure and symbolism as the full moon. These luminous orbs, when the Earth stands aligned with the sun and casts its glow upon the moon’s surface, have been a source of fascination and reverence for cultures worldwide. As we step into the year 2024, we find ourselves in the presence of a new cycle of full moons, each adorned with a unique name steeped in history, myth, and mysticism.

We will delve into the origins of these names, the traditions associated with them, and the deeper mystical meanings they hold for those who seek to connect with the natural rhythms of the cosmos. These full moons are more than just astronomical events; they are windows into the human experience, offering us an opportunity to reflect on our place in the universe, our connection to nature, and the wisdom of our ancestors.

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 — The Wolf Moon

wolf full moon

The Wolf Moon: Unearthing the Spirit of the Wild

As the calendar flips to January, the year 2024 welcomes us with the enchanting radiance of the Wolf Moon. This celestial event, which graces the night sky on January 23rd, carries with it a name that conjures images of the untamed wilderness and the primal instincts of the wolf.

A Howling Legacy: The Origin of the Wolf Moon

The name “Wolf Moon” is believed to trace its roots back to Indigenous North American tribes, who used the names of full moons to mark the passage of time and guide their activities. In the heart of winter, when the nights are long, and the land lies shrouded in snow, wolves would often howl in hunger, seeking sustenance in the stark, frozen wilderness. These haunting and mournful calls of the wolves gave birth to the name “Wolf Moon.”

Wolves in Myth and Reality: Cultural and Historical Associations

Wolves have held a prominent place in the mythologies and cultures of various societies throughout history. To many Native American tribes, the wolf symbolizes courage, loyalty, and teamwork. In Norse mythology, the wolf Fenrir is a symbol of chaos and destruction, while to the Romani people, the wolf embodies protection and guidance. In literature and folklore, from Aesop’s fables to the Brothers Grimm’s tales, wolves often serve as archetypal figures, representing both danger and wisdom.

The Spiritual Essence of the Wolf Moon: Symbolism and Significance

The Wolf Moon, appearing at the peak of winter’s chill, serves as a potent reminder of the resilience of life even in the harshest conditions. It invites us to embrace our own inner strength and adaptability, mirroring the resourcefulness of the wolf pack. This moon is a time for introspection, drawing us to explore our instincts, courage, and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Other Names: Old Moon, Ice Moon

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 — The Snow Moon

full moon snowy winter night

The Snow Moon: Blanketing the World in Tranquil White

As we journey further into the lunar calendar of 2024, we arrive at the serene beauty of the Snow Moon, gracing the night sky on February 22nd. Named for the glistening snow that blankets the Northern Hemisphere during this time, the Snow Moon carries a sense of calm and transformation. 

The Blanket of Winter: Origin of the Snow Moon

The name “Snow Moon” finds its roots in the deep connection between lunar phases and the natural world. Indigenous peoples of North America often named full moons to mark the changing seasons and help them keep track of time. For February, when snowfall is at its peak, the Snow Moon was a fitting moniker. It captures the essence of a world hushed by the soft, white embrace of snow.

Snow in Tradition and Ritual: Cultural and Historical Significance

Across cultures and time, snow has played a significant role in shaping human existence. In many societies, it is a symbol of purity, renewal, and transformation. Winter is a season of rest and introspection, a time when nature herself takes a deep breath before the rebirth of spring. The Snow Moon aligns with this period, inspiring rituals of reflection, meditation, and purification in various traditions.

The Snow Moon’s Message: Embracing Inner Silence and Renewal

The Snow Moon offers us a profound lesson in stillness and inner peace. As the world outside is hushed by the snow’s gentle touch, we are reminded of the importance of slowing down, turning inward, and embracing the tranquility within. Much like nature itself, we can use this phase to rest and replenish our spirits, preparing for the burst of growth and renewal that will come with the arrival of spring.

Other names: Storm Moon, Hunger Moon

Saturday, March 23rd, 2024 — The Worm Moon

full moon

The Worm Moon: Awakening the Earth’s Vital Pulse

March arrives with the promise of spring on the horizon, marked by the emergence of the Worm Moon on March 23rd. Named for the subtle but profound changes happening beneath the surface of the Earth, the Worm Moon signifies the awakening of life after the cold slumber of winter. 

A Subterranean Awakening: The Origin of the Worm Moon

The name “Worm Moon” has its roots in the practices of Indigenous North American tribes, who often named full moons to mark the seasonal transitions and guide their agricultural activities. In March, as temperatures begin to rise, the ground thaws, and earthworms and other small creatures stir beneath the surface, preparing the soil for the upcoming growing season. This underground activity gave rise to the name “Worm Moon.”

The Role of Earthworms: Cultural and Historical Associations

Earthworms, seemingly humble creatures, have held a place of significance in various cultures and mythologies throughout history. They are often seen as symbols of fertility and renewal due to their role in enhancing soil quality. In folklore, earthworms are associated with the renewal of life and the healing properties of the Earth.

The Worm Moon’s Message: Renewal, Rebirth, and Regeneration

The Worm Moon heralds a season of renewal and rebirth. As the Earth awakens from its winter slumber, we are reminded of the cycles of life and the perpetual process of transformation. 

Just as the Worm Moon marks the beginning of a new growing season, it prompts us to plant the seeds of our intentions and nurture them with care. It’s a time to shed the old, stagnant aspects of our lives and make way for the fresh and vibrant possibilities that spring holds.

Other names: Chaste Moon, Death Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon

Monday, April 22nd, 2024 — The Pink Moon

purple full moon

The Pink Moon: Celebrating Nature’s Blossoming Splendor

As April ushers in the beauty of spring, we are graced by the enchanting presence of the Pink Moon on April 22nd. Named for the vibrant blooms that start to paint the landscape with their hues, the Pink Moon embodies the spirit of renewal, growth, and the unfolding beauty of nature.

A Floral Symphony: The Origin of the Pink Moon

The name “Pink Moon” finds its origins in the observations of Native American tribes, particularly the Algonquin peoples, who named full moons to mark the changing seasons and assist in their daily lives. In April, the wild ground phlox, a pink wildflower, is known to bloom, adorning the landscape with its delicate petals. This spectacle of nature’s artistry led to the name “Pink Moon.”

The Symbolism of Blossoms: Cultural and Historical Significance

Throughout human history, blossoms and flowers have been imbued with rich symbolism. They represent beauty, fragility, and the transient nature of life. In various cultures, flowers have been associated with love, renewal, and the cyclical nature of existence. From ancient Greek mythology’s connection of flowers to deities like Persephone to the symbolism of cherry blossoms in Japanese culture, flowers hold a special place in the human psyche.

The Pink Moon’s Message: Embracing Beauty and Renewal

The Pink Moon arrives as a vivid reminder of the beauty that surrounds us and the impermanence of life’s fleeting moments. It calls upon us to embrace the present, to witness the blossoming of our own potential, and to revel in the radiant tapestry of existence. This moon serves as a beacon, illuminating the path to self-acceptance, self-love, and personal growth.

Other names: Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon

Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 — The Flower Moon

full moon flowers

The Flower Moon: A Blooming Tapestry of Love and Growth

May arrives, and with it, the radiant beauty of the Flower Moon on May 21st. Named for the explosion of blossoms that paint the landscape in vivid colors, the Flower Moon represents the peak of spring’s vitality and the profound connection between love, growth, and the natural world.

A Blossoming Symphony: The Origin of the Flower Moon

The name “Flower Moon” is a testament to the profound connection between human life and the natural world. In May, when a breathtaking array of flowers begins to bloom, the world transforms into a living canvas of colors and scents. This explosion of floral beauty led to the name “Flower Moon.”

Flowers as Symbols: Cultural and Historical Associations

Throughout history, flowers have served as powerful symbols in human culture. They are linked to love, beauty, fertility, and rebirth. In ancient Greece, the goddess Aphrodite was associated with flowers, while in Buddhist mythology, the lotus represents purity and enlightenment. From weddings to funerals, flowers play a role in nearly every aspect of human life, embodying both fragility and resilience.

The Flower Moon’s Message: Love, Growth, and Personal Flourishing

The Flower Moon carries with it the essence of love, growth, and the fulfillment of potential. As nature bursts into bloom around us, it serves as a gentle reminder of our own capacity for growth and transformation. This moon encourages us to nurture our relationships, to cultivate self-love, and to embrace the beauty within and around us.

Just as the Flower Moon marks the zenith of nature’s blooming, it invites us to explore the depths of our own inner gardens. It reminds us that, like the flowers, we have the ability to blossom and share our unique beauty with the world. It is a time for personal growth, for strengthening bonds with loved ones, and for recognizing the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Other names: Hare Moon, Corn Planting Moon, Milk Moon

Thursday, June 20th, 2024 — The Strawberry Moon

red sky full moon

The Strawberry Moon: Harvesting the Sweetness of Life

As the sun reaches its zenith and the days grow longer, the Strawberry Moon graces the night sky on June 20th. Named for the luscious red berries that ripen during this time, this moon embodies the essence of abundance, gratitude, and the celebration of life’s sweet moments. 

A Berry-licious Delight: The Origin of the Strawberry Moon

The name “Strawberry Moon” reflects the close connection between the lunar calendar and the cycles of nature. In June, strawberries, known for their delicious flavor and vibrant color, ripen and are harvested, making this a time of abundance and celebration. Hence, the name “Strawberry Moon” was born.

Strawberries as Symbols: Cultural and Historical Associations

Throughout human history, strawberries have been a symbol of love, joy, and the sweetness of life. In Roman times, they were associated with Venus, the goddess of love, while in medieval Europe, strawberries were believed to have medicinal properties. Their heart-like shape and rich flavor have made them a favorite in various cultures, often appearing in rituals and celebrations.

The Strawberry Moon’s Message: Abundance, Gratitude, and Celebration

The Strawberry Moon arrives as a reminder to savor the sweet moments of life and to cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the abundance that surrounds us. Just as the Earth yields its fruit in this season, so too can we enjoy the fruits of our labor and the richness of our experiences. This moon encourages us to celebrate our achievements, relationships, and the simple joys that make life sweet.

Other names: Rose Moon

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Friday, July 19th, 2024 – The Buck Moon

purple moon reindeers

The Buck Moon: Guiding Us with Strength and Perseverance

July arrives with the magnificent presence of the Buck Moon on July 19th. Named for the regal male deer that begins to grow its new antlers during this period, the Buck Moon symbolizes strength, determination, and the unyielding spirit of nature. 

A Majestic Emblem: The Origin of the Buck Moon

The name “Buck Moon” draws its inspiration from the practices of the Algonquin tribe, who assigned names to full moons to mark the changing seasons and aid in their hunting and gathering activities. In July, the bucks, or male deer, begin to grow their antlers in preparation for the upcoming mating season. This transformation and growth led to the name “Buck Moon.”

The Buck as Symbol: Cultural and Historical Associations

Deer, and specifically male deer, have held symbolic significance in cultures worldwide. They are often associated with attributes such as strength, nobility, and protection. In Native American traditions, the deer represents sensitivity and intuition, while in Celtic mythology, the stag is a symbol of independence and virility. Deer are also connected to the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

The Buck Moon’s Message: Embracing Inner Strength and Perseverance

The Buck Moon arrives as a symbol of the strength and resilience that resides within us all. Just as the male deer grows its antlers in preparation for challenges, we, too, can tap into our inner reserves of determination and endurance. This moon encourages us to stand tall, face adversity with grace, and navigate life’s hurdles with unwavering strength.

Other names: Hay Moon

Sunday, August 18th, 2024 — The Sturgeon Moon

full moon fishing

The Sturgeon Moon: Abundance and Prosperity Beneath the Surface

As August graces us with its warmth, the Sturgeon Moon emerges on August 18th, bearing a name that reflects the abundance of life hidden beneath the surface of rivers and lakes. This moon signifies prosperity, sustenance, and the interconnectedness of all living beings.

An Aquatic Bounty: The Origin of the Sturgeon Moon

The name “Sturgeon Moon” owes its existence to the practices of Indigenous North American tribes, particularly those around the Great Lakes and the Northeast. In August, the sturgeon fish, known for its massive size and significance as a source of food and livelihood, is plentiful in many bodies of water. This period of aquatic abundance led to the name “Sturgeon Moon.”

The Sturgeon as Symbol: Cultural and Historical Associations

The sturgeon fish has a long history of importance in various cultures. In Native American traditions, it symbolizes longevity, strength, and sustenance. Among the Anishinaabe people, the sturgeon holds a sacred place and is honored with ceremonies and rituals. In European folklore, the sturgeon was seen as a symbol of good luck and fortune.

The Sturgeon Moon’s Message: Embracing Abundance and Sharing Blessings

The Sturgeon Moon serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of all life and the abundance that can be found beneath the surface, both in nature and within ourselves. 

As harvest season approaches, the Sturgeon Moon invites us to share our blessings with others and give back to our communities. It is a time to acknowledge the gifts we have received and to practice gratitude for the abundance that surrounds us. The Sturgeon Moon calls us to be mindful of the delicate balance of nature and our role in preserving it.

Other names: Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon, Red Moon

Monday, September 16th, 2024 — The Corn Moon (and Harvest Moon)

full moon field

The Corn Moon: Harvesting Abundance and Sustenance

With the transition into September, the Corn Moon graces the night sky on September 16th. Named for the bountiful harvests of corn and other crops that mark the season, this moon represents abundance, sustenance, and the interconnectedness of humanity and the Earth’s resources. 

A Harvest’s Reward: The Origin of the Corn Moon

The name “Corn Moon” is a testament to the deep connection between the lunar calendar and the cycles of agriculture. In September, the corn harvest is typically at its peak, and this essential crop has historically been a symbol of sustenance and prosperity. Thus, the name “Corn Moon” was bestowed upon this lunar phase.

Corn as a Symbol: Cultural and Historical Associations

Throughout history, corn has held significant cultural and symbolic value in numerous societies. In Native American traditions, corn is often referred to as “the giver of life” and is seen as a symbol of fertility, nourishment, and community. Corn is central to many Indigenous ceremonies and rituals. Additionally, in many cultures worldwide, corn is a staple crop, and its cultivation has shaped the course of human history.

The Corn Moon’s Message: Nurturing Body and Soul

In the season of harvest, the Corn Moon invites us to reflect on the fruits of our labor, both literal and metaphorical. It is a time to acknowledge the abundance that flows through our lives, to share the harvest with others, and to nurture our own well-being, body, and soul. The Corn Moon calls us to consider the balance between taking from the Earth and giving back, honoring the cycles of nature.

Other names: Barley Moon

Tuesday, October 15th, 2024 — The Hunter’s Moon

full moon owl

The Hunter’s Moon: Reflection and Preparation in the Moonlight

October arrives with the mysterious allure of the Hunter’s Moon on October 15th. Named for the moon’s significance in guiding nocturnal hunting and gathering activities, this moon represents reflection, preparation, and the eternal cycle of life and death. 

Guiding the Hunt: The Origin of the Hunter’s Moon

The name “Hunter’s Moon” hearkens back to the practices of the Algonquin people, who used full moon names to track the seasons and guide their hunting expeditions. In October, as the days grow shorter and colder, the moon’s radiant light served as a vital beacon for hunters and gatherers, aiding them in their nocturnal pursuits of sustenance.

The Hunter as a Symbol: Cultural and Historical Associations

The concept of hunting holds deep cultural and historical significance in the human experience. Throughout history, hunters have been celebrated as providers and protectors of their communities. Various cultures have incorporated hunting rituals into their traditions, often imbuing them with elements of spiritual significance. The Hunter’s Moon echoes this reverence for the cycle of life and death.

The Hunter’s Moon’s Message: Reflection, Preparation, and Honoring Ancestry

The Hunter’s Moon arrives as a time of reflection and preparation. It prompts us to look back on the year’s experiences, acknowledge our successes, and learn from our challenges. 

As winter draws near once again, the Hunter’s Moon invites us to honor our ancestors and connect with the wisdom of those who came before us. It is a time to recognize the cyclical nature of life and death, both in the natural world and within ourselves. This moon calls us to embrace the duality of existence and to find solace in the knowledge that from endings come new beginnings.

Other names: Travel Moon, Dying Grass Moon

Thursday, November 14th, 2024 — The Beaver Moon

full moon lake

The Beaver Moon: Building Dreams, Embracing Industry

As November sweeps in with its crisp, autumnal charm, the Beaver Moon graces the night sky on November 14th. Named for the beaver’s industrious activities during this season, this moon represents diligence, resourcefulness, and the pursuit of dreams.

Building Dreams: The Origin of the Beaver Moon

In November, as the days grow colder and rivers and lakes begin to freeze, beavers become especially active, building and repairing their dams and lodges in preparation for winter. Their tireless industry led to the name “Beaver Moon.”

The Beaver as a Symbol: Cultural and Historical Associations

Throughout history, beavers have been revered for their industry and adaptability. In Native American traditions, beavers are often seen as symbols of hard work, cooperation, and the importance of community. In European folklore, beavers were associated with industriousness and the pursuit of goals. The beaver’s ability to transform its environment has made it a respected figure in many cultures.

The Beaver Moon’s Message: Diligence, Resourcefulness, and Realizing Dreams

The Beaver Moon arrives as a reminder of the power of diligence and resourcefulness. In the season of preparation for winter, the Beaver Moon inspires us to build the structures necessary for our own well-being and growth. It encourages us to embrace the process of transformation, to work diligently toward our dreams, and to recognize the interconnectedness of our efforts with the greater community. The Beaver Moon calls us to be architects of our destiny.

Other names: Frost Moon

Friday, December 13th, 2024 — The Cold Moon

full moon frosty trees

The Cold Moon: Embracing Stillness and Inner Warmth

As December brings the chill of winter, the Cold Moon graces the night sky on December 13th. Named for the frigid temperatures that envelop the Northern Hemisphere during this period, this moon represents stillness, reflection, and the inner warmth that can be found in moments of quietude. 

Embracing Winter’s Chill: The Origin of the Cold Moon

The name “Cold Moon” reflects the deep connection between the lunar calendar and the natural world’s seasonal shifts. Indigenous North American tribes named full moons to mark the changing seasons and guide their activities. In December, as the winter cold intensifies and the land lies cloaked in snow and ice, the name “Cold Moon” aptly captures the essence of this time.

Winter’s Stillness: Cultural and Historical Associations

Winter holds a special place in the human psyche, and its stillness has been a source of inspiration for countless generations. In various cultures, the winter season is seen as a time of rest, reflection, and inner contemplation. The Cold Moon resonates with the idea that even in the harshest conditions, there is beauty to be found in the serenity of winter.

The Cold Moon’s Message: Embracing Inner Warmth

In the heart of winter, the Cold Moon invites us to slow down, turn our focus inward, and cultivate a sense of peace and tranquility. It is a time to reflect on the lessons and experiences of the past year, to find comfort in the present moment, and to prepare for the new year’s potential. The Cold Moon calls us to find light and warmth within ourselves and to appreciate the beauty of life’s quiet moments.

Other names: Long Night Moon, Oak Moon

Embracing the Mystical Meanings of the Full Moons

As our journey through the celestial tapestry of the full moons of 2024 comes to a close, we have explored the enchanting origins, cultural symbolism, and deep spiritual significance of each moon. From the mystical allure of the Wolf Moon in January to the serene stillness of the Cold Moon in December, these lunar phases have offered us wisdom, guidance, and a profound connection to the natural world.

As we move into a new year and a new cycle of full moons, may we continue to be inspired by the mystical meanings behind their names, and may the light of the moon always illuminate our path, bringing us wisdom, insight, and a sense of wonder for the world around us.

moon print

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Wonderful Ways to Say “Thank You”

In a world where we often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to forget the power of a simple “thank you.” Yet, expressing gratitude can be a truly transformative experience for both the giver and the recipient. It reminds us of the beauty in our connections with others, the kindness that surrounds us, and the importance of acknowledging those who make a positive impact on our lives.

Gratitude is more than just polite manners; it’s a powerful emotion that can foster stronger relationships, boost mental well-being, and create a sense of connection with the people who matter most to us. When we take the time to express our thanks, we not only brighten someone else’s day but also enhance our own sense of happiness and fulfilment.

At Positive Prints, we understand the profound significance of gratefulness and are dedicated to helping you say “thank you” in the most special and memorable ways possible. Our unique collection of personalised thank you gifts allows you to convey your appreciation in a meaningful and heartfelt manner, making the act of saying thank you an art form.

1) The Start of Something Special Custom Map

The Start of Something Special Custom Map is more than just a map; it’s a unique piece of art that encapsulates the essence of a special place and moment in time. Whether it’s where you first met your significant other, the location of a life-changing event, or a favourite vacation destination, this custom map is a beautifully crafted keepsake that tells a personal story.

Each map is meticulously designed with precision and attention to detail, capturing the geographical coordinates and landmarks of your chosen location. The result is a stunning visual representation of the place where your journey began or a place that holds deep sentimental value.

How it Can Be Used to Say Thank You

When it comes to expressing gratitude, the “Start of Something Special” Custom Map offers a creative and heartfelt approach. Here’s how you can use it to say thank you:

Celebrate milestones: Commemorate the location where you achieved a significant milestone or accomplishment, expressing recognition for the support and encouragement that got you there.

Cherish relationships: Highlight where you first met a dear friend or your significant other, showing appreciation for their role in your life.

Express thanks to loved ones: Gift a custom map to a loved one featuring a location that holds special memories between you and them. It’s a touching way to say, “Thank you for being a part of my life.”

Remember, the more thought and personal touches you add to your custom map, the more meaningful it becomes as a thank-you gift. It’s a beautiful way to say “thank you” and show that you truly value the recipient’s presence in your life.

2) Thank You Letter Collage

The Letter Collage is a one-of-a-kind creation that spells out the words “thank you” using a stunning array of photographs. Each letter is meticulously crafted from a collection of images, making your gratitude not just something to say but something to see and experience. You have the opportunity to craft a personalised thank you gift that is not only heartfelt but also visually captivating.

Creative Ways to Use It for Expressing Gratitude

Memorable moments: Celebrate significant milestones, achievements, or events in someone’s life by crafting a “Thank You” Letter Collage. Whether it’s a graduation, a retirement, or a special anniversary, this collage lets you express your appreciation in a creative and memorable manner.

Showing gratitude to friends or family: Relive cherished memories by incorporating photos and mementoes from past experiences. Perhaps it’s a family vacation, a holiday gathering, or a friendship that has stood the test of time; a “Thank You” Letter Collage helps you celebrate the moments that matter, all while spelling out your gratitude in a visually stunning way.

Thanking essential workers or colleagues: Show recognition to essential workers, healthcare heroes, teachers, or anyone who has made a difference in your own working life. A heartfelt “Thank You” can be a powerful and meaningful token of appreciation, with each letter filled with images that tell a story of your praise.

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3) Family Photo Wall Art

A personalised photo is a heartwarming tribute to the love and bond shared within a family. It allows for customisation, enabling you to personalise the print with your family’s name, making it a one-of-a-kind thank-you gift and treasured keepsake. 

Additionally, including a cherished family photograph allows you to relive special moments and create a visual representation of your family’s journey. You also have the option to add a personal message or quote, expressing your deep honour and love for your family, making it a truly meaningful and personalised thank you gift.

Celebrating Family and Cherished Memories

The Family Photo Wall Art is more than just a decorative piece; it’s a heartfelt tribute and show of appreciation for the people who mean the most to you. Here’s how you can use it to say thank you to your family:

Anniversaries and special occasions: Whether you’re celebrating a significant anniversary, a family reunion, or simply want to express your love, this personalised print is a meaningful way to commemorate these special moments.

Gift for parents: Surprise your parents with a personalised print featuring family members spanning generations. It’s a beautiful way to honour their love and sacrifices.

Thank you for your support: Show appreciation for the unwavering support and love your family has provided throughout your life’s journey.

4) Soundwave Art

Soundwave Art is a genuinely innovative and sentimental way to convey your appreciation through the medium of sound. This unique product transforms a heartfelt spoken message, a meaningful song, or any sound of significance into a visually captivating work of art. By converting sound waves into a stunning design it allows you to express thanks in a way that is both auditory and visual.

How to Create a Meaningful Thank You Message Using Sound

This unique thank you gift offers a profoundly personal way to show how much you value someone. Here are some ideas on how to use it effectively:

Voice messages: Record a heartfelt message in your own voice, expressing your respect and affection. Hearing your words when the recipient scans the QR code will add a personal touch that’s both unique and moving.

Favourite song: Choose a song that holds special meaning for both you and the recipient. Whether it’s a song that reminds you of shared moments or a track that carries a particular message, it can make your thank-you gift even more special.

Memorable moments: Record the sounds of a significant moment, such as the laughter of loved ones at a family gathering or the cheering of a crowd at an event. These sounds can evoke powerful memories and emotions.

5) Mum and Dad Double Star Map

The Mum and Dad Double Star Map is a product that goes above and beyond in celebrating the love and appreciation we have for our parents. It’s not just a star map; it’s a personalised celestial journey that tells a heartwarming story of family bonds. This unique product features two star maps — one for each parent — displaying the night sky as it appeared on a significant date in their lives.

Celebrating Parents and Special Moments

A double star map is a beautiful way to convey your appreciation to your parents. Here’s how you can use it effectively:

Anniversaries: Gift this star map to your parents on their wedding anniversary, highlighting the night sky on the day they began their journey together. It’s a powerful symbol of their enduring love.

Parents’ Day: Celebrate Parents’ Day by presenting this unique gift to express your gratitude for their unwavering support and love.

Special occasions: Whether it’s a milestone birthday, Thanksgiving, or a significant family gathering, this star map gift is a touching reminder of the love and connection within your family.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Thank You Gift

Consider the Recipient’s Personality and Preferences

Selecting the ideal thank-you gift begins with understanding the recipient’s personality and preferences. Take into account their hobbies, interests, and passions. Are they art enthusiasts, travel lovers, or music aficionados? Tailoring the gift to their unique tastes ensures it resonates on a personal level and shows that you’ve put thought into your gesture.

The Power of Personalisation

Personalisation adds a special touch to any thank-you gift. Whether it’s adding a name, a meaningful date, or a heartfelt message, customisation makes the gift uniquely theirs. Positive Prints’ range of products excels in this aspect, allowing you to add a personal touch that transforms an ordinary gift into a cherished keepsake.

Timing is Key — When to Say Thank You

Timing plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of your thank-you gesture. While there’s never a wrong time to express appreciation, some occasions are more suitable than others. Consider special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays when expressing your thanks can have an even more profound impact.

Additionally, don’t underestimate the power of spontaneous gratitude. A surprise thank-you gift delivered unexpectedly can be incredibly meaningful and memorable.

Thoughtful Gestures that Don’t Require Gifts

Sometimes, the most heartfelt thank-yous don’t involve material gifts. Thoughtful gestures, such as handwritten thank-you notes, acts of kindness, or spending quality time with the recipient, can be just as impactful. For instance, you can choose many of our products as digital prints and have them delivered by email straight to the recipient’s inbox as a delightful surprise. These actions demonstrate your appreciation through personal effort and consideration. 

Budget-Friendly Options

Expressing thanks doesn’t have to break the bank. There are budget-friendly thank-you gift options that are meaningful and heartfelt. Consider DIY gifts, handwritten letters, or even a simple, thoughtful gesture like cooking a favourite meal.

Positive Prints offers a wide range of products that excel in personalisation, making it easier than ever to convey your appreciation in a meaningful and memorable way. Whether you choose a customised map, a heartfelt collage, or a celestial star map, your thank-you gift will be a cherished token of your gratitude.

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Born on a Waning Moon: What Does It Mean?

born on waning moon cover

Updated November 2023

After the full moon shines its brightest, fullest light over the earth, it starts to fade to black so it can begin anew. This period is called the waning phase, culminating in a dark new moon. For babies born on a waning moon phase, the moon offers insights into certain personality traits and tendencies.

Even if you’re not an avid follower of astrology, you probably noticed how a full moon can impact people’s behaviour. This is when energies peak, so erratic behaviour, new births and big decisions tend to ensue. You might not realise that other phases of the moon can impact behaviours, both when you’re born and throughout your life. 

Exploring the Waning Moon Phases

Once the moon reaches its fullest, it undergoes three distinct waning moon phases before reaching the new moon. These are the waning gibbous phase, the last quarter moon and the waning crescent phase. 

Each moon phase is believed to have a different impact on babies born during the moon’s cycle. Collectively, though, the waning phases represent a period of reflection. Light is fading and energies are reducing, but this doesn’t necessarily reflect a decline. Instead, this is a time of learning, teaching and planning that will give life to future ideas.  

The waning moon embodies several symbolic meanings that align with the personality traits of those born during the waning moon phases. It signifies transition, release and introspection. Just as the moon sheds light, individuals born during this phase may naturally be inclined to release negativity, old habits and emotional baggage. This shedding allows them to prepare for new beginnings and personal growth.

Personality Traits of Those Born on a Waning Moon

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Old souls. Wise beyond their years. Deep thinkers, teachers, dreamers and lovers of all things nostalgic. These are the hallmark traits of someone born on a waning moon. Their spiritual journey is marked by an eagerness to explore unconventional wisdom, making them natural seekers of higher truths and esoteric knowledge. They may find solace in meditation, divination or other spiritual practices that promote self-awareness. 

Perks of Being a Waning Moon Baby

Waning Gibbous Moon Spiritual Meaning and Personality Traits

The first stage after a full moon is the waning gibbous moon. During this stage, the moon is still mostly lit but is starting to recline. Babies born under this lunar phase are often intellectually sophisticated and tend to learn quickly from their experiences. This is why they seem so full of knowledge and wisdom, even at a young age. These characteristics also make them excellent teachers and communicators. 

The waning gibbous moon holds a unique spiritual significance. Those born under this moon phase may have a strong connection to their inner selves and an innate ability to release negative energies or burdens. This phase’s energy encourages individuals to embrace change, grow spiritually and seek a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries.

Individuals born under the waning gibbous phase of the moon possess a unique spiritual connection with a talent for releasing negative energies and embracing change. They nurture intellectual sophistication, harbouring a profound thirst for knowledge and are quick learners who extract insights from life’s experiences. 

Often described as “old souls,” they radiate wisdom beyond their years, readily sharing profound advice. These individuals exhibit an acute attention to detail, often noticing what others overlook. 

Empathy is a hallmark of their personality, allowing them to connect emotionally and offer support when needed. Additionally, they feel a strong sense of duty towards the greater good, engaging in activities that benefit their community and advocating for positive change. 

Waning Quarter Moon Spiritual Meaning and Personality Traits

The waning quarter moon is filled with nostalgia, transition and reflection. People born in this lunar phase cherish the past and recognise how their experiences have impacted their lives. They find themselves combing through fond memories and organising pictures. A song or smell can trigger vivid memories more than the average person.

They are reflective individuals, regularly assessing their life journey, decisions and lessons learned. With profound emotional depth, they connect with their feelings and others’ emotions on a deeper level, making them empathetic and compassionate. These individuals are often sentimental, attaching great value to objects, places and people with special memories. 

The waning quarter-moon phase also enhances their creative side, leading them to express themselves through art, writing or other creative outlets. However, their resistance to change and difficulty letting go of attachments can pose challenges when moving forward in life.

Waning Crescent Moon Spiritual Meaning and Personality Traits

Do you know the answer to the question: “What phase of the moon was I born in”? If you’re born during the waning crescent moon phase, you may often be considered full of wisdom that seems to transcend the physical world. You may feel as though you have a third eye and are deeply intuitive. This isn’t by coincidence. The energy of a nearly completed moon cycle and the “old age” of the moon allow you to be more in touch with your spiritual side than most individuals. You may be more likely to have visions or be in touch with guides or angels, or at the very least, have a stronger ability to tap into your creative side.

Their intuitive abilities are heightened during this moon phase, leading to strong inner knowing and vivid dreams or psychic insights. This phase also sparks their creative and imaginative faculties, excelling in artistic pursuits or endeavours that tap into their inner visions. 

Their heightened empathy and compassion allow them to deeply connect with the emotions and energies of others, making them excel in roles that require understanding and support. Sometimes, waning crescent moon babies may feel like they belong to a different realm or dimension, evoking a sense of “otherworldliness” that sets them apart. This phase fosters openness to transformation and personal growth, encouraging them to shed old beliefs and patterns to make way for new beginnings.

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The Potential Downsides of a Waning Moon Birthday

Just as waning moon phases carry certain advantages, it’s important to recognise when those advantages can work against you.

For example, a gibbous waning moon baby may be wise beyond their years, but they must also realise that not everyone learns at the same rate. Nor is everyone else as interested in educating themselves and growing from their experiences. Waning gibbous moon children often appear arrogant or pretentious, even if it’s not intentional.

The last quarter moon is steeped in nostalgia. And while it can be refreshing to walk down Memory Lane, it’s easy for waning moon individuals to stay there. You might feel like you’re living in the past and not present at the moment or looking forward to the future. You long for better days but may struggle to grow or change.

For waning crescent moon babies, the deeply innate connections to spirituality can manifest as odd behaviours. You may never feel like you quite belong in any particular circle, and your mystical sense can put you out of others’ reach. Some may call you eccentric, while others may feel intimidated by you. Knowing this, your tribe will likely consist of people born on a waning moon who can relate to weird, odd or eccentric tendencies.

Waning Lunar Phase Cycle and Relationships

The lunar phase cycle at birth can influence compatibility and dynamics in relationships. For those born on a waning moon, understanding the tendencies of you and your partner can lead to more harmonious connections. These individuals may find that they thrive in relationships with people who share their spiritual and intellectual interests and an appreciation for nostalgia and introspection.

How to Know If You’re Born on a Waning Moon?

Could you have been born during one of the waning moon phases? Our easy-to-use moon calculator can help you discover what the birthday moon phase looked like on the night of your birth. Input your birthday, then watch as your custom moon map is created right before your eyes!

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Waning Moon Rituals

This period is associated with a decrease in the moon’s illumination and is often viewed as a time for releasing, cleansing and letting go. Waning moon rituals can be a powerful way to harness the energy of this lunar phase for personal growth and transformation. Here are some common waning moon rituals:

Releasing negativity: The waning moon is an ideal time to release negative energies, habits or emotions from your life. Write down what you want to let go of and burn or bury the paper as a symbolic act of release.

Decluttering: Use this phase to declutter your physical space. Tidy up your home, organise your belongings and clear out any items that no longer serve you.

Cord cutting: In relationships, you can perform cord-cutting rituals during the waning moon to release emotional ties or negative connections with others. Visualise cutting energetic cords that no longer serve your wellbeing.

Banishing spells: If you practise witchcraft or follow pagan traditions, waning moon rituals are often used for banishing spells. These can be directed at removing obstacles, bad habits or unwanted influences.

Letting go of the past: Reflect on past experiences, traumas or regrets during the waning moon and focus on forgiveness and closure. This can be a time for healing and moving forward.

Detox and cleansing: Many people start detox diets or cleansing routines during this phase, as it aligns with purging toxins from the body.

Meditation and reflection: Take time to meditate and reflect on your goals and intentions. Consider what no longer serves your highest good and set intentions for the upcoming new moon.

Saying goodbye: Use the waning moon as an opportunity to say goodbye to people, situations or circumstances that are no longer beneficial in your life.

Spiritual practices: Engage in spiritual practices like yoga, meditation or energy work to cleanse and balance your energy.

Dream work: The waning moon can be a time to work on dream interpretation and analysis. Pay attention to the symbolism and messages in your dreams.

Remember that waning moon rituals are highly personal and should be adapted to your beliefs and intentions. The key is to focus on releasing, letting go and preparing for the new beginnings of the upcoming new moon.


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Born on a Waxing Moon: What Does It Mean?

waxing moon cover

Updated October 2023

Between the new moon and the full moon is the waxing moon phase. Every night after the new moon, the beautiful glowing orb in the sky glows a little more than the night before. If you were born on a waxing moon, you should know it influenced some of your personality traits and tendencies. Here’s a closer look at what it means to be born on a waxing moon.

The Many Phases of a Waxing Moon

Once the new moon phase is gone, the waxing moon begins. This period spans three distinct phases: the waxing crescent moon, the first quarter moon, and the waxing gibbous moon. 

The waxing crescent moon is but a sliver of illumination. Depending on the moon’s angle, it might strike you as a smile in the sky. Within days, the crescent moon gives way to the first quarter moon, also called a half moon. Half of the visible moon’s face is lit, but in reality, it’s just a quarter since the other side of the moon remains dark. Finally, the gibbous moon fills and grows just before the full moon. It’s nearing its full potential but doesn’t fill the perfectly round shape of the moon.

Each of these waxing moon phases has been attributed as having different impacts on personality and behaviours, both for people born during this phase and all living individuals as the moon nears its peak. Let’s focus on what to expect when you’re born during a waxing moon.

What It Means If You’re Born on a Waxing Moon Phase

Waxing Moon Poster
Babies born on the waxing crescent moon are curious spirits that have a thirst for adventure.

The waxing moon is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and growth after a new moon. Unsurprisingly, the personalities of people born during this time often reflect the same sentiments. 

Positive Personality Traits

Waxing Crescent Moon Spiritual Meaning and Personality Traits

Babies born on the waxing crescent moon are curious spirits who thirst for adventure. They are open-minded and adaptable, readily embracing fresh ideas and change. With a natural growth mindset, they view challenges as opportunities for personal development and creative problem-solving. Their strong sense of independence and self makes them comfortable pursuing individual goals.

These individuals radiate optimism and enthusiasm, inspiring those around them. While their restlessness may lead to a desire for excitement, they can also exhibit natural leadership qualities, guiding others through uncharted territory. Their communication skills, rooted in curiosity and open listening, facilitate effective networking and relationship building. 

Waxing Quarter Moon Spiritual Meaning and Personality Traits

When the first quarter moon appears, you’re under a harmonious balance of light and dark. This balance can work in your favour regarding growth but can also hold you back. For example, you might have all the tools and knowledge you need to move forward with your life goals, but you might also need extra motivation and encouragement from family or friends. The good news is that waxing quarter-moon babies love a challenge and have accepted early on in life that they are the main characters in their stories. They thrive on achievements and tend to get things done. Many people turn to them for help because of their proactive nature and problem-solving ability.

Their pragmatism and ability to plan make them well-prepared for life’s demands, while their self-confidence and assertiveness often translate into natural leadership qualities. Nonetheless, they may grapple with impatience due to their eagerness for quick results. 

Seeking harmony and equilibrium in their relationships, these individuals prioritise balance. The waxing quarter moon influences their constant focus on personal and professional growth, viewing challenges as opportunities for advancement.

Waxing Gibbous Moon Spiritual Meaning and Personality Traits

Waxing gibbous birthdays are just shy of the full moon and its peak energy. Those born under this moon are likely nurturing, caring people who naturally guide others. 

They are known for their unwavering determination, persistence, and patience in pursuing their goals, demonstrating a balanced approach to life, much like the moon’s phase. These individuals are adept problem solvers, capable of objectively assessing situations and proposing practical solutions. Their rationality extends to effective communication and negotiation skills, making them proficient communicators in various aspects of life. 

Leadership is in their DNA; they push themselves and others to go after goals and make life what they want. They remain resilient in facing challenges, viewing setbacks as temporary and surmountable. Their empathy and emotional sensitivity are balanced with their determination and drive, making them attuned to the emotions and needs of those around them. They see life as a journey of personal growth and development, continuously seeking opportunities for self-improvement.

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Tendencies to Watch Out For

For waxing crescent moon individuals, remember the energy levels are still low coming out of a new moon phase. Though you may be curious and adventurous, you also remain conservative when taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone. You desire to grow but often need to be pushed in that direction due to lower energy and a penchant for security. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and try new things. 

For quarter-moon babies, remember that the balance of light and dark also lives within you. Though you may be fully capable of achieving your innermost desires, you must contend that you could be holding yourself back. You could turn molehills into mountains or let a lack of patience create friction that could have been avoided.

For waxing gibbous birthdays, perfectionism can be toxic. You’re aware of your potential and strive to be the best version of yourself in everything you do. This isn’t necessarily bad until it becomes an uncontrollable obsession. Recognise that things will never be perfect, and learn to be okay with this.

Find Out If You’re Born on a Waxing Moon

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When The Best Mother Was Born

Waxing Moon Rituals

Rituals associated with the waxing moon are often performed to harness the moon’s energy for personal growth, manifestation and preparation for future endeavours. Here are some popular waxing moon rituals:

Setting intentions: The waxing moon is a time of intention-setting. Create a sacred space in a quiet, peaceful environment. Light a white or silver candle, and meditate on your goals and desires. Write down your intentions on paper, focusing on what you wish to achieve during the current lunar cycle. As the moon grows, so too will your intentions.

New beginnings ceremony: Waxing moon rituals are ideal for starting new projects or initiatives. You can perform a special ceremony to mark the beginning of something important in your life. This could be starting a new job, a relationship or a creative project. Light a green candle to symbolise growth and new beginnings.

Visualisation and affirmations: Visualisation is a powerful technique during the waxing moon phase. Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and visualise your goals coming to fruition. You can also use affirmations to reinforce your intentions. Repeat positive affirmations that relate to your desires and aspirations.

Charging crystals and tools: Many believe crystals and magical tools can be charged with lunar energy during the waxing moon. Place your crystals or magical items on a windowsill or outside under the moonlight to cleanse and energise them.

Growth and abundance spell: Create a simple spell to attract abundance and growth into your life. Use herbs, oils and candles associated with prosperity, such as basil, cinnamon and a green or gold candle. Light the candle, meditate on your intentions and imagine wealth and abundance coming your way.

Waxing moon bath: Draw a warm bath and add some herbs or essential oils known for their purifying and rejuvenating properties, like lavender or rosemary. As you soak, meditate on letting go of negativity and preparing for personal growth and expansion.

Journaling: Keeping a waxing moon journal can help you track your progress and insights during this phase. Write down your goals, dreams and reflections. It’s a great way to stay mindful of your intentions and growth over the lunar cycle.

Growth candle spell: Light a white or silver candle; envision your goals and desires growing along with the flame as it burns. You can anoint the candle with essential oils like frankincense or myrrh, which are associated with spiritual growth.

Planetary meditation: Connect with the planetary energy of the moon by meditating on its significance in your life. Visualise the moon’s energy, filling you with inspiration, creativity and determination.

Moon water creation: Place a container of clean water outside under the waxing moon to create “moon water.” Moon water is believed to be charged with the moon’s energy and can be used for rituals, cleansing or drinking for spiritual purposes.

Remember that the key to successful waxing moon rituals is to perform them with focused intent and a positive mindset. These rituals can help you align with the energy of the waxing moon, setting the stage for personal growth, manifestation and new beginnings in your life.


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Born on a New Moon: What Does It Mean?

born on a new moon

Updated October 2023

Were you born on a new moon? Though the sky may have been darkened, your birth was a light in the world. And even though you likely don’t recall the blessed event or remember what the moon looked like on that day, it matters more than you might realise.

The moon’s phase can influence you throughout life, affecting everything from personality traits to mood. This is why some people may act erratically during a full moon or why we may feel energised at certain times of the month over others. This is also true of the birth moon, as it helps to set the tone for your life’s journey.

If you were born on a new moon, here’s what you need to know (and how you can find out if you were a New Moon baby!).

Invisible Moon, Strong Influence

Even though the new moon can’t easily be seen in the sky, make no mistake that it has a powerful effect on children born under its watch.

This is the phase of new beginnings, a fitting metaphor for birth. During this phase, the moon and sun are perfectly aligned and help to establish a healthy balance early on in life. The energy in the air is low at this time because it’s considered a restorative period. Rest is critical to regeneration so you can hit the ground running at full speed.

There might not be much to see in this night sky, but stealth serves in your favour. Nothing deters you, and everything has potential.

Personality Traits for New Moon Babies

Want to know if you were born on a new moon? Check Your Moon Phase

If full moons are associated with chaos and conflict, then new moons are considered the exact opposite. It’s a symbol of life coming full circle, with one chapter closing as another begins. It’s a time for growth, birth, and exploration, a strong start to an unknown journey ahead.

The Good

To reflect this, those born under a new moon are often quite successful. Your heart and mind are in harmony, whereas most people experience a war between the two. This beautiful balance extends to other aspects of your life, as well. It gives you confidence because you are in tune with what you want in life and won’t be deterred by darkness or uncertainty.

You take a forward-looking and forward-thinking approach to all things in life, keeping your eye on the horizon and rarely looking back. You’re often the first to try a new idea or visit a new place, which is why most people would consider you creative. You can usually tell whether you’re going to like something because you know what you want and expect from people and experiences. As a result, you’re also quick to take action.

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The Bad

Optimism is your default, though sometimes to a fault. You maintain a curious nature even into adulthood and have no trouble seeing the best in every person and situation. This can sometimes work to your disadvantage as it makes it difficult for others to see things on your level and could mean getting burned by people you trust.

It’s also worth mentioning that people born on a new moon enter the world when energies are low. Your motivation serves you well to take your ideas and run with them, but you may find that energy hard to sustain, especially when newer and shinier ideas pull your focus. It’s not uncommon for you to start a new project or carry out an idea, then soon abandon it or hand it off to someone else. This can turn into an endless cycle of unfinished projects and half-baked ideas, leading you to feelings of unfulfillment — a painful reality to live for someone who knows how they want their life to be.

The Brutal

The darkness of the night sky is directly reflected in new moon personalities in the form of a lack of self-awareness. It’s hard for you to see the type of person you truly are and recognise your strengths and weaknesses. You may also struggle to see the kind of person that other people are, too.

Some good news is that you can overcome some of this brutal reality by learning how to use the moon phases to your advantage. Take time for self-reflection during the Full Moon, then use the quarter moon phases for planning your next ambitions. These are the moments when self-doubt is highest, and this can help to ground some of your ideas into realistic terms.

How Do I Find Out if I Was Born on a New Moon?

Were you born on a new moon? Use our Moon Calculator to input your birthday and location of birth to see what the moon looked like on the day you were born! You can order a Printed Moon Phase Poster.

Add Your Love of the Moon and Stars to Your Home

born on a new moon

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Born on a Full Moon: What Does It Mean?

born on full moon

Updated October 2023

People born on a full moon are more likely to turn into werewolves, right? Just kidding, of course, but the full moon does affect some personalities. 

We may feel a heightened sense of energy or vibrancy on the night of a full moon. Police have said there’s a different vibe when the moon peaks. Doctors and nurses say that hospitals fill up faster, and more babies are delivered on a full moon compared to any other time. There must be something to it!

Here’s the truth: if you were born on a full moon, you may find that certain personality traits and tendencies are no coincidence. Just like your zodiac sign, the moon phase can have much to do with your life’s journey. Here’s what you need to know about being born on a full moon and how to channel this unique circumstance to your advantage.

Full Moon Baby? This Means High Energy

A full moon is the peak energy phase of the moon cycle, so it’s no surprise that being born on a full moon also harnesses this energy. This is when full moon rituals are in full swing — crystals are being charged and cleansed, desires are being manifested, and creative breakthroughs abound.

This is all because of the stronger gravitational pull of the earth on the moon. Plans are coming to fruition and are in full abundance. Knowing this, it’s hardly shocking that people born on a full moon share these feelings of being energised and inspired.

Personality Traits for Those Born on a Full Moon

Full moon children often experience limitless contradictions, especially during the quarter moon phases when the moon is equally light and dark. Life is a delicate balancing act to maintain equilibrium between emotion and logic.

However, this type of personality also comes with several advantages:

Full Moon Babies: All the Good Things

Because of your high energy potential, you have so much power to carry you toward your greatest ambitions. No idea seems too unconventional or off-limits, so allow yourself to give in to your wildest dreams because you have the best shot of making them a reality.

The key is learning how to channel this energy. The constant battle between mind and heart can be burdensome, but it can also be the catalyst to stop spinning your wheels and move forward with a goal.

Many people are drawn to full-moon children because of their vibrance and powerful presence. You bring light to their lives, and they feel energised when they’re around you. You’re confident and active and are often considered the life of the party, all of which make others gravitate toward you.

If you’re more of an introvert, a vibrant exterior is replaced by a subtle inner glow. People are still drawn to you but in a less obtrusive way. How you carry yourself makes people want to be around you, even if it’s not apparent.

Full-moon children are natural leaders and should take care to harness their energy in the right way. During the waning phases, you may find your energy levels also wane. This is a great time to pause, reflect,  and plan your next move. If you are constantly meeting failures during this phase, take it as a sign to pull back and refocus. Take a vacation or put projects on hold until the new moon brings you clarity. During the waxing phase, you’ll feel more alive and alert, which is the ideal time to create a new project.

Full Moon Babies: All the Hard Truths

Energy can be one of our greatest assets but can also be difficult to control. This is especially true for full moon babies: the sun is located directly opposite the moon during a full moon. The two are in conflict, which means that the sun (which controls your mind and logic) and the moon (which influences your heart and emotions) are at war from the moment you’re born.

These struggles often manifest throughout your life’s journey and may make you feel conflicted when choosing between what your heart and mind are telling you. As a result, you may also come off as indecisive because you have so many different thoughts and priorities pulling you in different directions. Decisions are not easy, sometimes to the point where you decide not to decide at all!

How Do I Find Out if I Was Born on a Full Moon?

Were you one of the many to be born on a full moon? Use our birthday moon phase poster creator to input your birthday and see what the moon looked like on the night you were born.

Then, personalise your moon phase print to create a treasured keepsake as special and unique as you are!

Personalised Moon Prints

Ready to celebrate the exact lunar moment when you or a loved one were born? Our personalised moon phase print can do just this. Encapsulating the magic of the celestial world and our place within that, these custom art prints show the moon’s beauty from any viewpoint at any time. 

Our easy-to-use map print creator can help you make beautiful moon phase art prints perfect for decorating your home. It can also help you create fantastic personalised gifts that loved ones are bound to be obsessed with. As well as making the moon art print super personal through the specific moon phase when you were born, you can carry on the customising as there are six designs to choose from — check out our easy-to-use moon phase art print editor here.

You can even get the Mummy, I Love You to the Moon and Back personalised moon print to celebrate the day she became a mom — and what the moon looked like at that precise moment. 

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Different Types of Full Moon

The light and energy we get from a full moon is when it’s fully facing the earth and entirely lit up by the sun, right? But there are some lunar moments when a full moon is more than just your normal full moon, which is a bit more unusual — let’s explore these special lunar events.

Blood Moon — this is when the dazzling full moon has a red hue, which happens approximately every three and a half years. This occurs when the moon is in a total lunar eclipse, so when the earth lines up between the moon and the sun. Throughout history, blood moons have been associated with chaos and change.

Harvest Moon — This is the full moon that happens at the closest point in time to the autumn equinox. Here, usually, the moon will start to rise around the same time as the sun is setting – this can give the low-hanging moon a beautiful orange glow, and it may appear bigger in the sky. This makes for a stunning display for moon lovers.

Super Moon — bigger and brighter than normal full moons; super moons are a fantastic spectacle. This is when there’s a full moon on the “shorter” side of the moon’s oval-shaped orbit, known as the “perigee” moon — where it’s closest to the earth. 

Find out what the moon looked like on any day, from anywhere, with our moon phase checker

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10 Fun Facts about the Stars You Might Not Know


Updated Septemeber 2023

Twinkling and mysterious, stargazing can be truly out of this world — so it’s little wonder that these bright jewels and their sparkling patterns have fascinated humans since we could first look up. But have you ever wanted to know more about these sparkling entities? This article is packed with stellar facts, so next time you wish upon a star, you can recall a little something about it.

1. Star Light, Star Bright

Did you know that all the stars we can see in the sky with the naked eye are bigger and brighter than our sun? In fact, astronomers have identified at least 12 types of stars, 11 of which are identified by a single letter (for example, O, B, A, F, G, K, M, R, N, T, and Y). These classifications are made to distinguish differences in the qualities of stars, such as their temperature, colour, and brightness. For example, R, N, T, and Y stars are cooler than O and B stars.

Our own sun is a class G star, while the brightest star we can see in the night sky is called Sirius. Also sometimes known as the “Dog Star,” as it is found in the constellation of Canis Major, Sirius is a class-A star that actually shines 25.4 times brighter than the sun. 

2. Co-Stars!

It might sound unlikely or impossibly romantic at first, but it turns out that, rather than hurtling alone through the void, several stars out there have a significant other. They are known as binary stars. As you might have guessed, binary star systems are formed of two stars locked in orbit around each other, bound together in a gravitational two-step.

Waltzing through the nighttime sky, these celestial pairings aren’t even as uncommon as you might think. You won’t be able to separate them with the naked eye, but through a telescope or even binoculars, around 5-10% of visible stars turn out to be binaries. One of the best examples is found in The Big Dipper (the rear end of the constellation Ursa Major, or Great Bear). Here, the second-to-last star along “the handle” isn’t a star at all, but a pair of stars named Mizar and Alcor.

You can celebrate twin events and how the heavens appeared on two special occasions with a uniquely personal Double Star Map.

3. Constellation Prize

Did you know that, all together, there are 88 officially recognised constellations in the night sky? Most are named after animals, mythical beasts, and characters from Greek and Roman mythology. Five constellations can only ever be viewed in the northern hemisphere (the sky above the equator), and three only in the southern hemisphere (the sky below the equator).

The largest constellation by area is sprawling Hydra (the water serpent), which occupies 3.16% of the night sky, while the smallest is Crux (often known as the Southern Cross), which takes up a mere 0.17% of the heavens. Star map gifts are popular any time of year, and you or a loved one can discover just how the stars were set over your head at any time or place with our quality customisable Star Map.

custom star map styles

4. We Are All Made of Stars!

It’s a great lyric and one of the most wonderful facts about stars! Even though there are different types and sizes of stars, they all begin with the same components. Stars form from Interstellar gas, mostly hydrogen molecules. When these clouds are pushed into a spinning motion, a small mass begins to form centrally and continues growing. The more mass it gains, the hotter it becomes. When it reaches a temperature of 100 million degrees, nuclear fusion occurs, and a star is born. 

Just over 90% of the elements that form our human bodies were formed in stars over the course of billions of years and the lifetimes of many different stars. However, it’s possible that hydrogen, which is found in all the body’s fluids, and lithium, which our body contains tiny trace amounts of, originated from the “Big Bang,” the birth of the universe, which scientists estimate occurred 13.8 billion years ago!

5. Staring Back in Time

Did you know that when we gaze at the stars, we’re actually looking back through time? That’s because even though light travels at 186,000 miles per second, because of the vast distances of space between stars, it often still takes many thousands of years to reach us. Scientists measure cosmic distances in “light years” (simply the distance light can travel in one solar year). So, for example, when we look at the star that is our closest neighbour, Alpha Centauri, light from it takes four light years to reach Earth. Therefore, we’re actually seeing how Alpha Centauri appeared more than four years ago.

The farthest-away star we can see with the naked eye is called V672 Cas, found in the constellation Cassiopeia. It lies 16,308 light years from Earth. So the light you see shining from this star originated long before organised human civilisation, during the Earth’s last ice age!

6.  Guiding Star

Humans have used the stars to guide themselves on sometimes vast journeys over both land and sea. The Egyptians created the earliest accurate star chart so far discovered, which is some 3,500 years old and dates from 1534 BC.

However, although it cannot be conclusively confirmed, many experts believe the earliest depiction of the stars may have been discovered in Germany in 1979. A mammoth’s tusk, dating from around 32,500 years ago, was found carved with what seems likely to be a representation of the constellation of Orion. 

7.  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

We’ve all looked skyward to see a canvas of twinkling stars at some point. But don’t be fooled; those stars aren’t actually twinkling. The effect is an optical illusion caused by the Earth’s atmosphere. Because the stars’ light has to pass through so many layers of the atmosphere, which has varying densities, it can create the impression they’re twinkling.

Stars shining lower in the sky, closer to the horizon, will often appear to twinkle more than those higher in the heavens, and this is simply due to us viewing them at a shallower angle. This means we’re looking at them through a larger slice of the atmosphere. It’s the same effect that makes the moon look larger when it first rises. 

8. Stars in Your Eyes

Look up into the sky on a dark, cloudless night, and you might be inclined to think you’re looking at millions of stars. But in reality, we can only see about 2,000, give or take, at any given time. It’s true that millions of stars exist in our universe, but most can only be seen using telescopes.

The very brightest stars we can see are called 1st magnitude and, in the northern hemisphere, include Sirius (in the constellation of Canis Majoris), Canopus (in Alpha Carinae), Arcturus (in Bootes), and Vega (in the constellation of Lyra). The faintest stars we can see with the naked eye are of 6th magnitude. 

9. Signs in the Stars

Of course, whether we know how to spot them or not, some of the best-known star constellations are the twelve that form what we know in Western astrology as the Zodiac. Heavily influenced by astronomical observations made by the Greeks and Babylonians, the word Zodiac is even derived from the ancient Greek words zōdiakòs kýklos, which translates as “circle of little animals.”

The constellations of the Zodiac occupy a circular band in the sky that follows the path of the sun, known as the ecliptic, which means that from Earth the sun appears to pass through each of the Zodiac constellations (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces) roughly every month.  

In Western astrology, Zodiac signs have been used to define traits in differing personalities, and you can immortalise your own star sign’s uniqueness, or that of a loved one or friend, with fantastic Zodiac Wall Art.

zodiac art colors

10. Gold Star Treatment

We all know that our sun is a star, but did you know it’s actually categorised as a dwarf star? We might think our beloved sun sets the gold standard for what a star should be, yet in the grand scheme of things, the sun is much smaller than most stars in the universe. For example, Betelgeuse (in the constellation of Orion) is one of the largest stars we can see with the naked eye, is classified as a red giant, and is actually 700 times bigger than our sun.

As a dwarf star, our sun is less powerful than an average star, but the good news is that it will have a longer celestial life. The sun is already 4.6 billion years old, but it’s probably only halfway through its 9 to 10-billion-year life span.


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How to Organise the Perfect Baby Shower

perfect baby shower

Simply can’t wait for that imminent new arrival? Already imagine you can hear the patter of tiny feet? Are you so excited that you feel you need to celebrate right now? Whether it’s a dear friend, a much-loved relative, or even your own baby that’s due, now’s the time to enjoy the great American tradition of “the baby shower.”

The modern-day baby shower first became popularised in the US after the war, in the ‘baby boom’ decade of the 1950s, and it’s a custom that’s been embraced ever since. The purpose of the baby shower was (and remains) to literally “shower a mother-to-be with gifts.” However, these were originally practical, given the myriad of items and accessories needed before embarking on a new life caring for an infant.

These days, baby showers are becoming increasingly lavish events, and baby shower gifts are certainly no longer limited to diapers and mobiles for the crib. From Gucci baby changing bags to sterling silver baby rattles fashioned by iconic New York jewellers Tiffany & Co., there seems to be no upper limit when it comes to extravagant baby shower gifts.

However, as the lucky person tasked with organising a baby shower (a job customarily allotted to a best friend, auntie, or cousin), you might want to consider sourcing more thoughtful and personalised baby shower gifts — not to mention something that comes in well under the thousand-dollar mark!

Get the Gifting Wrapped up Early

baby heartbeat gift

Begin organising a baby shower the right way by finding the ideal baby shower gift. After all, aside from the food, fun, and games, that’s what lies at the heart of the baby shower tradition. And no mom-in-waiting will appreciate any gift more than one that so obviously comes straight from the heart.

A piece of personalised artwork specially designed to celebrate your little one is a heartwarming present bound to please and will most likely find pride of place on the wall of a new nursery.

How about a unique and delightful piece of Baby’s Heartbeat Soundwave Art, forever capturing the incredible sound of an unborn child growing in the womb? It is a beautiful way of illustrating a moment in time and making a memory that will be treasured forever.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a good idea of the new arrival’s due date, how about a handsome Zodiac Wall Art Poster depicting the baby’s astrological star sign and describing the new personality the parents can expect to welcome?

It’s always a sound strategy to avoid distraction by knowing you’ve got great gifts wrapped up early. Now it’s time to start planning and preparing an equally perfect baby shower celebration.

zodiac sign art

Start with the Logistics

There are a few things to consider when planning a baby shower. The first step is to decide who will host it and where. Sometimes, the mother-to-be will host the shower, but a friend or family member can also host it. 

Once the host is chosen, they need to decide on a date, time, and location for the shower. If you’re on a budget, hosting the shower at someone’s home is perfectly acceptable. It adds a layer of personalisation and cosiness to the occasion. Or, if you have more money to spend, consider renting a small event centre or restaurant party room.

Design and Send Invitations

The next step is to send out invitations. It’s best to send them out about four weeks before the shower so guests have enough time to RSVP. 

When choosing an invitation, consider the theme of the baby shower. You can buy pre-made baby shower-themed invitations and fill them out by hand. Or you can custom print invitations to match a specific theme. 

Popular themes for baby showers in recent years have included “nautical baby showers” with sailor stripes and sailing boats, “animal baby showers” featuring tropical jungle foliage and safari fun, and “book-themed baby showers” showcasing favourite picture books and characters from children’s classics.

Prep the Food

Talk to the mama-to-be to discover her favourite foods and what the baby has been craving. Light foods like fruits, finger sandwiches, crackers, and cakes are standard options. 

Also, you’ll need to bring all the accessories to go with your spread. Plates, cups, spoons, serving utensils, napkins — having everything you need on hand makes your shower flow seamlessly. 


There are endless possibilities when it comes to styling a shower, but we’ve gathered a few of our favourite ideas to get you started.

One popular trend is using soft and pastel colours to create a dreamy atmosphere. Pale pink, powder blue, and light yellow can all be used in various combinations to achieve this look. Add pops of colour with accessories, such as flowers, balloons, or streamers, or by incorporating cheerful patterns into your decorations.

Another option is to go with a more modern vibe by using bright colours and bold prints. This can be a great choice if the mom-to-be doesn’t plan for their baby to fit into traditional gender stereotypes.

Add decor to the shower entryway, the food and gift tables, and the common areas where attendees will gather.

Plan Some Games

There are an endless number of baby shower games to play. Spread the laughter and make memories with a few of these tried-and-true games:

Dough Baby: This game is best for a more casual baby shower. Guests compete to see who can create the cutest (or funniest, most realistic, etc.) baby out of coloured play dough. It’s a great chance to get creative and engage the senses.

Guess the Gender: This game is perfect for guests who ask lots of questions — they’ll get all their answers, and then some! Guests take turns guessing the baby’s gender and other questions (such as nursery colours and themes, food cravings, etc.) and earn points for each correct guess. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins a prize!

Diaper Derby: This race is always a hit with guests of all ages. Have guests race to put a nappy on a baby doll as quickly as possible — bonus points if they can do it using one hand only!

its a girl poster

Hand Out Shower Favours

When throwing a baby shower, one of the details often overlooked is what kind of favours to give guests. Though it may seem like a small gesture, party favours are a nice way to thank guests for coming and to send them off with a little memento from the day. If you’re stuck on ideas for what kinds of favours to give out, here are a few suggestions:

  • Personalised candles or soap — A simple and elegant favour, personalised candles or soap can be customised with the name and date of the baby shower.
  • Magnets or keychains — These are perfect for guests who want something small and practical that they can use every day.
  • Customised cookies or sweets — These make sweet and tasty party favours that guests will love. Use attractive gift boxes or bags for candy and other small items for a more elegant look and feel. 

Start Planning the Perfect Baby Shower!

Planning a baby shower can be such a rewarding experience — for mum, baby, and all of their loved ones. Use this time to capture all the sweet gestures of love leading up to baby’s big arrival!

For ideas of what to buy the proud parents once the baby arrives, check out our gorgeous gifts for new parents that will be as unique as their new little one.

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How Much Is Appropriate to Spend on a Wedding Gift?

how much to spend on wedding gift cover

Throughout the world, the age-old tradition of expressing support and affection for a newlywed couple by selecting the perfect wedding gift remains deeply ingrained.

Whether it’s giving gold coins in India and fragrances in Sudan or more unique presents like cuckoo clocks in Germany and intricately carved wooden ducks in South Korea, the custom of gifting something to the bride and groom to wish them good fortune and abundance in their new journey together has been observed for centuries across different cultures.

However, even in today’s world, in countries like the US, deciding how much to spend on wedding gifts can still be a headache. Without clear guidelines on budgets and no specific traditional items to offer at the ceremony, many guests at Western weddings find themselves stressed about finding considerate and fitting gifts for couples that also fall within the right price range.

It’s no wonder, then, that when it comes to understanding wedding gift etiquette, many of us are searching for clear guidance and a healthy dose of inspiration. 

Double Star Map

 1. A Gift That’s Right for Everyone

When determining the appropriate expenditure on wedding presents, the budget is distinctly “relative”. Close family members and dear friends of the bride and groom are likely to allocate more for a wedding gift than distant cousins or colleagues from work.

So far, this seems clear-cut, but there are additional aspects to factor in. For instance, where exactly is the couple tying the knot? If you’ve received an invitation to an elaborate destination wedding set on a remote tropical island or within the historic grounds of a European mansion, or if you’ve had to travel a considerable distance to return to the couple’s hometown, you might already be incurring substantial expenses simply by arranging travel and lodging.

Similarly, suppose you’re part of the wedding party and have already spent money on a bridal shower gift or participated in an extravagant bachelor party. In that case, it’s entirely reasonable to modify your wedding gift budget to account for these expenses.

A strategy frequently favoured by close friends and relatives who have already been part of pre-wedding celebrations is collaborating and purchasing a joint gift for the newlyweds. This approach intelligently allows for acquiring a high-value item that the couple may genuinely desire, all while ensuring that each contributor can make a meaningful contribution without straining their finances.

Remember that if circumstances prevent you from getting the ideal present for the couple before their big day, it’s valuable to know that wedding etiquette permits you to send them a wedding gift up to a year after their wedding day.

Today, many couples empathise with and understand the potential expenses of attending their special day. Often, invitations convey the sentiment that “your presence is the only gift they seek”. However, this often spurs the desire to present them with something more substantial.

where we met map

2. “Rules” to Ignore

Adding to the complexity of understanding wedding gift etiquette, there are outdated customs that modern guests would be wise to disregard. One prime example, as affirmed by numerous seasoned wedding planners, is the “cover your plate rule”. This archaic notion suggests that the value of a wedding gift should correspond to the cost per person for the wedding meal. This notion conjures the somewhat uncomfortable idea that the newlyweds are attempting to recover their expenses for the event while expecting guests to somehow predict the costs of wedding catering in advance.

Conversely, while gifting money was once seen as lazy and tactless (according to a 2018 survey by Nerdwallet, slightly more than half of respondents still viewed cash gifts unfavourably), it has become an increasingly embraced choice. This shift is largely due to many couples marrying later in life, often already possessing fully furnished homes and all necessary household items. In such cases, a monetary gift intended for a honeymoon or an extraordinary journey is swiftly gaining popularity.

Need some cosmic inspiration? Check out our 10 ideas for a celestial wedding. 

3. Getting Your Gift from the Registry

For a helpful guide through the wedding gift selection process (not to mention ensuring that the newlyweds receive items they genuinely need for their upcoming life together), most couples about to tie the knot establish a gift registry. This registry allows them to share their list of preferred gifts with their guests before the wedding day.

A gift registry isn’t just a rundown of desired items; it typically encompasses various price ranges to cater to all budgets. This approach alleviates any pressure on guests before the significant event. It’s interesting to note that renowned Chicago department store Marshall Field & Co. first introduced the idea in 1924. With almost a century behind it, you could consider the gift registry itself an established American wedding tradition!

A gift registry typically presents a collection of items the couple would find valuable or enjoyable and a list of preferred retailers and brands. This means that if you’re unable to locate a particular item or if it doesn’t fit within your budget, contributing by purchasing a gift card from a specified store is always a viable and acceptable choice.

However, it’s essential to remember that relying solely on the gift registry list might result in duplicate gifts from other guests. We’ve probably all encountered a couple somewhere who embarked on their journey with an excess of bottle openers and way more toasters than needed.

wedding letter photo collage

4. There’s Nothing More Precious than a Thoughtful Gift 

After considering all the factors mentioned above, it’s unsurprising that when the question of how much to spend on wedding gifts arises, many of us contemplate presents that go beyond the ordinary. We ponder over gifts that showcase the depth of our care by putting in that extra effort — finding and crafting a profoundly personal keepsake for the couple — rather than simply increasing the monetary value.

There’s a noticeable trend in the wedding industry toward individuals moving away from the conventional gift registry. They’re disregarding the convenient choices of store vouchers or cash contributions and instead aiming for gifts that resonate from the heart. These are the kind of gifts that tell the unique love story of the couple in an exceptional manner.

As it happens, we have some gorgeous gifts that can do just that. For instance, the Where We Met Map is a visually captivating cartographic creation that portrays the exact spot in the town, city, or even state where the couple had their initial encounter. Alternatively, if their first date holds deeper sentimental value, how about a First Date Map? This map would highlight the venue or commemorate the places where the couple truly began their journey of getting to know one another. For incurable romantics, either option is bound to become a centrepiece on the wall of their shared home. It will spark conversations among visiting friends and also stand as a beautiful, enduring token of their affection.

If you believe a couple’s love really is written in the stars, then why not go all out and present them with a One-of-a-Kind Star Map depicting how the stars were aligned when they first met, when they got engaged and when they married? Or maybe a We Met, We Married, We Live Print displaying the locations where a couple got together, tied the knot, and built a home? For those who cherish both sentimentality and style, the beauty of gifts such as these is that they are visually pleasing artworks that hold so much meaning for just a special few.

For guests keen to add personal touches through a little of their creative input, a bespoke-made Wedding Day Photo Collage is another wonderful way to give something special to those you care about on their wedding day. Designing an exclusive, customisable wall print with a personalised message doesn’t cost a fortune, but it’s likely to become one of a happily married couple’s most treasured possessions. 

we met we married we live

5. The Gift of Inspiration

Regardless of how a couple opts to commemorate their wedding day, whether it’s an opulent and extravagant affair or a simple and private gathering, the essence of marriage remains rooted in the celebration of love and steadfast commitment.

Rather than allowing concerns about the appropriate amount to spend on wedding gifts to overwhelm you, it might be best to reflect on the fact that, beyond extravagant crystal decanters or luxurious bed linens, what most individuals truly desire from their loved ones is a gesture that genuinely conveys their deep affection. A gift that overflows with consideration and warmth, an item to hold dear as the years pass, and one that springs forth authentically and earnestly, directly from the heart.

Need more inspiration? Check out our list of Unique and Thoughtful Mr and Mrs Gift Ideas they will adore.

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A Guide to Buying Really Good Birthday Presents

guide to buying birthday presents

Being able to buy good birthday presents is a valuable and important skill. If you’re one of those lucky people who find it easy to buy gifts, then good for you! You’ll already know how the right gift can brighten someone’s day.

If, like the rest of us, you find it challenging to pick out a great birthday gift, then fear not. Our guide will help you pick out something perfect every time. Gift buying is a skill, and just as with any other skill, you’ll do better when you have the right technique at your fingertips. 

Sitting comfortably? Then let’s get started. 

 Understanding the Importance of Choosing Good Birthday Presents

The first step to buying great birthday gifts is to understand that committing and putting some effort into the process is essential. 

Birthday gifts are a chance to show someone you value them and are prepared to put time and effort into cultivating your relationship with that person. Birthdays will always require a special gift, especially those for romantic partners, family members, and important friends. 

But gifts aren’t totally selfless either! According to the American Psychological Association, giving gifts activates the part of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust, which creates a “warm glow” effect. 

As with many things, the more you put into the process, the more you get in return. This means that the time spent thinking about and organising a gift for a special person is well spent. 

 Considerations for Selecting Good Birthday Presents

A few broad areas to consider when buying the perfect gift are interests and hobbies, age and relationship, quality, and budget. You can go through these in your head quickly, or you might find it helpful to jot some ideas down on paper. 

 Interests and Hobbies 

The first thing to consider when getting a birthday gift is the person you are buying the gift for. It’s essential to consider the giftee’s interests, hobbies, and preferences. 

This does two important things:
1) They will likely enjoy the gift, and
2) It shows the giftee you’ve thought about them when putting the gift together. 

The best way to learn about a person’s interests is to actively listen to them. What do they speak about in conversation? What topics do they talk passionately about? You can also observe them. What do they spend their time doing? What topics are they drawn to when watching TV, reading, or browsing the internet? 

A couple of warnings here. First, remember that people’s interests change over time. Children, in particular, go through phases — what interests them at age nine might differ significantly from their interests at age 12. Ensure you’re buying for their current interests, not those they used to have.

Second, try to vary the gifts you buy. Even someone who loves dinosaurs probably doesn’t want all their birthday gifts to be dinosaur-themed, especially not year after year. 

If you’re buying a gift for a dog lover or a gift for a sports fan, you’re in luck! We have prints for sale they’re sure to love. 

 Age and Relationship

custom name letter photo collage

Next, consider the person’s age and your relationship with them. Some birthdays are “bigger” than others and deserve extra thought and consideration. Turning 18, for example, is more of a milestone moment (for most people) than turning 17. It can be a great time to buy a birthday gift that is more sentimental rather than practical. 

Also, consider your relationship to the giftee. As a general rule, the closer you are to the person, the more thought you should put into the gift. If you are a parent, grandparent, or partner to the giftee, you must put in more effort than you would if you were cousins! 

Budget and Quality 

It’s essential to get the budget right when buying a birthday present for someone. Spending too much, or more than you can afford, is best avoided as you might make the giftee feel guilty.

There’s no “right amount” to spend, and many people would appreciate something free, like a poem, more than a piece of jewellery. 

If you buy an object for someone, it should be good quality, though. It’s better to get a smaller gift of higher quality than a bigger gift of poorer quality. For example, a guitar player would prefer an excellent guitar strap to a rubbish guitar! 

Unique and Personalised Gift Ideas

the day you were born star map gift

If you’re still struggling to buy a good birthday gift for that special someone, here’s another piece of advice — unique and personalised gifts are more meaningful than generic ones.

Take one of our best-selling products, the Custom Star Map. Our Custom Star Maps show the night’s sky precisely as it looked from a specific location at one particular moment. Many people are fascinated by the stars and would love to know what the night sky looked like the day they were born. 

It’s not the most expensive gift in the world, but as it’s fully personalised, it’s totally unique to the giftee, and no one else will have one like it. Adding a custom message to the print can create a much more thoughtful gift than the average trinket. That’s why we have over 450 five-star reviews for this gift idea! 

Shop our full range of birthday gifts, and you’ll surely find something unique and meaningful for your special person. All of our posters are printed on museum-quality art paper for a high-quality look. FREE delivery on all orders worldwide!