I Love You to the Moon and Back

✓ I Love You To The Moon And Back Art Depicts What The Moon Looked Like At A Special Time In Someone’s Life
✓ Choose Your Date And Location And Bring The Moon To Life In Your Very Own Home
✓ Add A Custom Message To Make Your Gift Shine Bright
✓ Create Your Poster In Just Three Easy Steps
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How it works

Discover the moon phase Select date and place to discover how the moon looked during that moment in time
Choose your design Our creative team carefully selected 6 most beautiful designs to choose from.
Write a personal message Add some personal touch by customizing the title with your own words.
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If someone you love is captivated by the moon, a Moon Phase poster will be a cherished gift for a lifetime, especially when you make it personal.

What is an I Love You to the Moon and Back Poster?

Lunar aficionados will have heard this saying many times: I love you to the moon and back. It’s a touching sentiment that shows a person’s love truly has no bounds. It doesn’t have to be practical, even though traveling to the moon for the average person is wholly impossible. And such a journey is expensive, dangerous, and simply unrealistic – but these things are minor details when it comes to the love you hold for someone special in your life.

An I Love You to the Moon and Back poster is a beautiful way to capture this special phrase and share it with someone you love. It’s a favorite line of text on our custom Moon Posters, which use the date and location of your choice to show what the moon looked like at a special moment. It might be the night your son or daughter entered the world, the night you got married, or even when you graduated college or moved into your first home. The moon is the limit!

I Love You to the Moon and Back — with a Personal Touch

Custom gifts like our I Love You to the Moon and Back artwork are special because each one is one of a kind. The moon never quite looks the same from night to night, and we take into account your date and location of choice when recreating the moon in the night sky for your poster print.

What’s more, you can add other custom lines of text to your gift and make it even more personal for your recipient. This might be a quote, a date, song lyrics, a special saying, or even a nickname you have for each other.

How to Create Your Custom Moon Artwork

Positive Prints has done most of the work for you in creating custom moon artwork. Follow our simple three-step process and turn your ideas into art they’ll love:

Step 1: Select Your Design

Our artists have worked hard to prepare a range of moon phase poster designs, making it easy for you to start creating custom gifts. Choose from several beautiful backdrops and color schemes to reflect your recipient’s personality.

Step 2: Fill in the Important Details

You choose the time and place, and we’ll recreate the moon on that special night. Embellish your poster print with custom lines of text, such as I Love You to the Moon and Back, or other out-of-this-world sentiments.

Step 3: Have Your Artwork Delivered

Positive Prints offers free shipping on all of our printed posters, as well as digital download options for immediate printing and gifting.

Customize Your I Love You to the Moon and Back Artwork

Bring the night sky indoors in a way your loved one will cherish forever. Get started with an I Love You to the Moon and Back print today!