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Personalized Birth Poster for the Best Gift Idea Ever

The day your little bundle of joy arrives will be one of the happiest days of your life. It’s a day filled with smiles, tears, and jubilation when you’re finally able to meet the tiny little person you’ve been preparing for during the last nine months. And when they arrive, that day will forever become a cherished moment in your life you’ll celebrate every day.

Commemorating the occasion with a personalized birth poster is a fun and beautiful memento that can spark joy every time you look at it. For there’s truly no greater feat than creating life itself.

What is a Personalised Birth Poster?

Every life is special and precious, and when a new baby joins the family, it’s a milestone moment for everyone in your inner circle.

A personalised birth poster is an excellent way to mark the momentous occasion. Our birth posters display a newborn baby in one of several poses, along with the details of your baby’s birth. We include the date and time of the birth, the birth weight, birth length, your child’s name, and a special line of text of your choosing. You can also choose the font style and other small details like colour that will make your personalised birth poster print truly unique.

Once the print has been finalised, you can choose how to frame and display it in your home, office, or your baby’s nursery. The simplistic style and design fits well with any decor scheme, while the 1:1 scale creates a perfect image of your baby on the day they were born.

birth poster in funny superhero costume standing on the desk

Why Give a Birth Poster as a Gift?

Many couples, family members, or friends choose a personalised birth poster as the ultimate keepsake for a new baby. It’s a gift that can be passed down through the years and be displayed with pride.

In many cases, the expecting parents are busy in the days and weeks leading up to their baby’s arrival. This is especially the case when they have older children to care for in addition to getting their home and cars ready for a new baby. Many of them would like a special keepsake that’s unique to their little bundle of joy, but simply don’t think of it in the midst of all of their other responsibilities.

This is where a personalised birth poster can really shine as the perfect gift. While others are helping acquire the basics like a crib, diapers, and clothing, a personalised birth poster can be a fun and much-welcomed surprise gift that will make any new parent beam with pride.

It’s a creative, affectionate way to welcome the new baby into the family. And even in just a few short weeks or months, when the baby will have far outgrown the image in the poster, parents will have a way to keep them little forever.

Personalised birth posters make excellent gifts for multiple occasions, including:

  • Post-birth baby showers
  • Baby’s first birthday
  • Baby’s first holiday, such as Christmas or Easter
  • Hospital homecoming gifts

In fact, it’s never too late to create a personalised birth poster. Even if you’re expecting your second, third, or even fourth child, you can always create a personalised birth poster for your older children for a keepsake they can cherish for life.

How We Create Our Personalised Birth Posters

Positive Prints was created out of love, and each of our personalised birth posters aim to be a reflection of our commitment to spreading happiness around the world.

We’ve taken care to hand sketch several beautiful drawings of babies in different positions that you can choose from for your print. We actually use your baby’s birth length to create a 1:1 scale drawing of your baby, so it looks like it’s your precious little one posing for the drawing.

From there, you can select your background colour and input your baby’s birth stats and other choice of text, which we will add to your print.

Each of our personalised birth posters is made from scratch, with love. We use only the highest quality materials for our hard copy posters and have partnered with reliable, top notch printers to produce our prints. We also take care to carefully roll your poster for shipping so that it arrives perfect and ready for framing.

Every print we produce is a unique work of art made just for you. We know what joy a new baby can bring to your life, and our goal is to give you a beautiful keepsake to remember the event and never forget how tiny your little one once was.

What’s Included on a Personalised Poster?

Your baby’s birth poster is all about them! When you place the order, we’ll ask you for all the most important details, including your baby’s birth length, birth weight, time and date of birth, their name, and any other special line of text you’d like to include on the poster.

We arrange this information on the poster in a way that highlights your baby’s very first day in the world. Every print is truly one of a kind, because there’s no other baby like yours!

birth poster details, including your baby’s birth length, birth weight, time and date of birth, their name, and any other special line of text you’d like to include on the poster

Personalised gifts are sure to be a showstopper at any baby shower, baby’s first birthday, baby’s first major holidays, or as a welcome home surprise when the baby comes home from the hospital. Our posters are beautiful keepsakes that are also unique works of art that you’ll be proud to show off anywhere in your home.

Birth Poster Ideas and Inspiration

Positive Prints has made it easy to order custom, personalised birth posters (and other prints and designs!) online. Our ordering tool takes you through a three-step process to collect your most important details and select your preferences for colour, font, and text.

If you need some help getting started, we’ve got you covered with the following inspiration:

Match Your Birth Poster Colour to Your Nursery Theme

Positive Prints includes a variety of colour options to complement your nursery. Aside from our selection of 11 vibrant colours, we also offer a custom option where you can play designer and select the perfect shade.

Many of our customers choose to match the poster print background colour to their baby’s nursery or choose a complementary colour to stand out on the wall. Or, you might select a colour based on a special object that’s part of your baby’s nursery theme.

Background color to choose in Positive Prints birth poster

Dress Up Your Baby in a Fun Costume

Many parents look at their child and wonder what their future holds. Our advice at Positive Prints: Dream Big!

We’ve included a couple of different costumed illustrations for a whimsical design. Choose from our daring superhero baby, decked out in a flowing cape and ready to save the day. Or select the ballerina baby, complete with poufy tutu in a pose that looks like she’s twirling in her sleep.

Baby posters in funny costumes

Choose from Single, Duo, or Trio

If you’ve been blessed to have twins or triplets, we can include all of your little loves in a single print. Select our Baby Sketch Duo option for twins or two children, or our Baby Sketch Trio option for triplets or three children. Under each baby, you can place their specific birth details, including name, birth weight, birth length, time and date of birth, and a special line of text.

Get a Digital or Hard Copy Print

As a new parent, we know you’ve got your hands full as it is! That’s why we’ve made our service to you as convenient as possible. Once you personalise your baby’s birth poster, you’ll have the option of choosing a hard copy print that can be printed and mailed to you OR selecting a digital file that you can send to your local print shop at your convenience.

If you choose a hard copy print, we’ll handle all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your little one and get excited when your package arrives. We’ve taken care to partner with high-quality print services that will create an exquisite personalised birth poster that’s ready to frame the moment it arrives.

If you choose the digital print, we’ll deliver a high-resolution digital file to your inbox as soon as your print is personalised and ready for printing. From there, it’s up to you to choose your print shop and print your poster for framing and displaying.

How to Order a Personalised Birth Poster

Whether you choose a digital file or a hard copy poster print, by the time your poster arrives, your baby certainly won’t be as tiny as they were on their very first day of life. And that’s what our Positive Prints is all about!

We’re here to help you capture this most special moment in your life and always remember how little your loved one was on the day you met. We’re confident our personalised posters will be one of your most treasured positions that will forever have a place in your home, even as your baby grows taller and older.

Get started today with our easy-to-use personalised birth poster creator and hold tight to your most precious memories!