Personalized Where We Met Jewelry

  • Embrace the magic of your journey with a personalized Where We Met necklace – wear it close, a constant reminder of the unique connection you share
  • Customize your pendant with location engraving on one side and personalized text on the other
  • Mark a special spot with a chosen symbol
  • Customize in only 2 minutes
  • Preview your design at each step
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Send directly to your chosen recipient with a personal gift note

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Ever wondered how you could turn the spot where you first met into a special and unique gift? Well, our personalized Where We Met jewelry is the answer! It's like magic you can wear – a cool necklace that always reminds you of your special connection. Perfect for giving as a where we met gift or for celebrating anniversaries.

Create a Personalized Where We Met Jewelry Gift

Here's the fun part – you get to choose the place and words you want on your necklace. Want to add a little symbol to mark that special spot? You can do that too! It's super easy, and you can see how it will look at each step.

Choose Your Material – A Gift in Silver or Gold

Now, let's talk materials. You can pick from two cool options – Sterling Silver 925 or Gold 585. Each pendant, whether it's a circle or with a 45 cm chain, gets a special treatment with laser engraving. This turns the night sky into something you can wear! And guess what? The small mark on the pendant and chain means it's real and made with great quality.

Packaged with Care – A Gift Box Full of Love

But that's not all! We package your special pendant in a nice jewelry box. Open it up, and you'll find a care guide and a special cloth for keeping it clean. We want your experience to be as awesome as your love story. So, get ready to make your journey extra special with our personalized Where We Met jewelry – a magical way to carry your memories with you!