The Day You Were Baptized

  • Capture the magic of the stars on the day your child was baptized
  • Add planets, constellations, and the Milky Way
  • Customize in 3 simple steps
  • Include a meaningful personalized text
  • Preview your design at each step
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Celebrate a special day of faith with a stunning baptism gift! Whether you are choosing something meaningful for your godchild or looking for the perfect gift for the godparents, we have something beautiful and thoughtful to suit every need. Our Day You Were Baptized artwork will be a reminder of faith and joy throughout their life. So start creating star map gift to celebrate their special day.

Personalized Day You Were Baptized wall art

Giving a custom star map as a baptism gift is an unforgettable way to commemorate this special occasion. The mapping will show the night sky with its stars and constellations on the exact day that the child was baptized, allowing them to look back at their special day forever. This unique present can be framed and hung in their room or kept somewhere safe to serve as an eternal reminder of their faith.

The map itself is customizable, so there are plenty of options to make it unique. A map featuring a religious quote written underneath can make for a meaningful gift that celebrates the day of baptism as well as faith itself. By giving this personalized reminder of god's presence, godparents are showing that they are truly invested in the child’s spiritual journey.

Celebrate the Baptism Day!

On the day of baptism, family and friends gather to celebrate the occasion. It is a joyous and meaningful event as the newly baptized person is welcomed into the faith. As part of the ceremony, godparents may also present gifts to their godchild in an effort to help foster religiosity and spiritual growth. The gifts can range from crosses and rosaries to books or other religious items.

The baptism ceremony itself typically consists of several steps, such as anointing, renunciation of sin and profession of faith. During the baptism, the priest will pour blessed water over the head of the person being baptized three times as a sign that they are now part of God's family. At this time, relatives may speak words of blessing over them to signify their support for their spiritual journey ahead.

The Perfect Gift for Your Godchild or Godparents

Godfathers and godmothers play an important role in the life of the newly baptized and often become important figures of guidance and support. Godparents assume responsibility for the religious upbringing of their godchild, helping provide moral and spiritual support as they grow older. They are also expected to set a good example and encourage healthy spiritual habits such as attending church and prayer.

Godparents may give meaningful gifts during baptism that reflect their own faith or inspire the newly baptized person to develop further on their journey. Such gifts can include crosses, Bibles, rosaries or other items that symbolize commitment to their faith. Many families also choose to have godparents sign a formal document upon accepting the role in order to reinforce the relationship between them and the godchild.