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Impresión artística de fase lunar: recrea momentos mágicos

Moon artwork in two versions - night sky and with white background

Tal vez te comprometiste en matrimonio bajo la luna llena. Probablemente no puedes olvidar cómo se veía el cielo nocturno el día de tu boda o cuando nació tu hijo. En todos los momentos especiales de tu vida la luna ha estado presente. Conmemora estas ocasiones con un póster bellamente diseñado que capture cómo te observaba la luna aquel día.

¿Qué es una impresión artística de fase lunar?

Imagine inviting the moon into your home or office! Our fun, original moon print makes it possible.

Muchas personas dicen sentir una conexión especial con la luna. La ciencia ha comprobado que nuestro satélite puede influir en emociones, comportamientos e incluso en respuestas biológicas.

Sabiendo esto, no debe sorprendernos que muchas personas elijan nuestro póster de fase lunar para recordar momentos especiales en su vida.

Moon phase artwork are personalized prints made to order by Each print reflects the appearance of the moon on a particular location and date. Because we can track every day of the moon’s cycle, we can create what the moon looked like on the date of your choice based on your location in the world.

Estas elegantes impresiones son una excelente manera de recordar las noches especiales en tu vida. Recrea el cielo nocturno y conéctate con los momentos que te han marcado.

¿Qué hace tan especiales nuestros posters de fase lunar?

Dejemos algo en claro: nuestras piezas son mucho más que solo una imagen genérica de la luna para colocar en tu muro. Este tipo de imágenes puedes encontrarlas en cualquier lugar, y no reflejan la naturaleza de un momento y lugar en específico que sea importante para ti, a diferencia de nuestros diseños.

That’s why we developed our custom moon artwork. You give us the date of an event in your life (e.g. a first date, wedding day, birth of a child, graduation day, etc.) and then we do our research to see what the moon looked like on that night. Each date is a little different since the moon’s visibility changes each day of its cycle.

Nuestro objetivo es recrear la luna de la manera más realista posible.

Every print is custom-made to order, and you have a lot of design freedom and flexibility in customizing your print. You can choose to add special text and select a colour scheme that fits your personality and decor.


¿Qué incluye tu impresión de fase lunar personalizada?

Historically, you’d have to work side by side with an artist or designer to get quality custom artwork. But at Positive Prints, we’ve made it easier than ever to design your own custom moon phase print from the convenience of your home.

Using our interactive, intuitive online tool, you can customize your moon phase print in three easy steps:

1.   Select Design

Select from our diverse range of six color schemes to set the backdrop for your moon phase artwork. Many of our customers opt for black, symbolizing the enchanting night sky, while others choose the captivating sky theme or the cosmic allure of a purple galaxy.

Once you’ve made your choice, click the Details button to go to the next step.

Select Design Moon Editor
Select Design Moon Editor

2.   Enter Details

In this step, you’ll input your personalized details. Select the specific city or location that holds significance for your special event, along with the date. If you wish to incorporate a custom message into your moon phases art, we suggest choosing from our selection of title and subtitle ideas or unleashing your creativity by crafting a unique message. This provides an excellent opportunity to include a special quote, song lyrics, or even the precise time, date, and location of your memorable event.

Once you’ve made your customizations, click the Format button to move on to the next step.

Enter Details Moon Editor
Enter The Details Moon Editor

3.   Choose Format

The final step involves choosing your preferred format. At Positive Prints, we offer the convenience of delivering your customized moon phase artwork in a tangible hardcopy print, which can be sent to your address. You have the option of a standalone print, a framed version, or even a canvas print. Alternatively, for a quicker turnaround, opt for the digital download, where a file will be emailed to you for download and printing at your convenience.

When selecting a hardcopy print, be sure to specify your preferred orientation (portrait, square or landscape) and size. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be directed to the checkout process.

Choose Format Moon Editor
Choose Format Moon Editor

Una impresión artística de fase lunar como regalo

Nuestros diseños únicos de fase lunar son un emotivo regalo, ideal para celebrar ocasiones como:

  • Birthdays
  • Baby showers or new births
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Día del padre
  • Christmas
  • Graduations
  • Retirements
  • Last minute gifts
  • Special milestones or achievements

It’s never too late to order a moon phase poster that displays a special moment in your life. Order anytime and enjoy free worldwide shipping. It’s a low-cost gift that holds major value and will become a cherished treasure like no other.

Find out your birthday moon phase and personalize a unique moon print.

Cómo ordenar una impresión de fase lunar

¿Estás listo para obsequiar o conservar para ti un regalo único en su tipo? Positive Prints lo hace fácil para ti.

Da clic en el botón inferior para iniciar con el sencillo proceso de creación de tu impresión de fase lunar personalizada.