User-Shared Content Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Positive Prints

Let’s Share the Positivity!

Welcome to the Positive Prints community, where creativity and positivity collide! By responding with #PositiveAnswer to our message, you grant us permission to use your incredible creations. Now, let’s dive into the details:

1.  Spread the Good Vibes: Our mission is to share positivity with the world! By granting us permission, you allow us to showcase your amazing creations. We may feature them on our website, social media platforms, and newsletters, inspiring others along the way.

2.  Creative Collaborations: Let’s join forces and ignite creativity together! By accepting these terms, you give us the green light to create exciting variations and adaptations of your work. Together, we’ll take your creativity to new heights.

3.  Reach Beyond Borders: Your creativity knows no bounds, and we believe its impact should be limitless too. By agreeing to these terms, you empower us to share your work with a global audience, spreading joy and inspiration worldwide.

4.  Trademark-Free Zone: We believe in giving credit where credit is due. We promise not to claim your work as our trademark, and we won’t allow others to do it either. Your unique creativity deserves recognition and respect!

5.  Long-Term Adventure: This is just the beginning of an incredible journey! By agreeing to these terms, you grant us permission to use your work for a period of 10 years, starting from the date you accept!

Consent to Share Your Amazing Creations

1.  It’s time to shine! By accepting these terms, you’re granting Positive Prints the permission to share your incredible creations – photos, videos, reels. Get ready to inspire and leave a lasting impact on our community. Your work will have the chance to touch the hearts of many!

2.  Respecting Boundaries: If your work features images of others, we kindly ask that you ensure you have obtained the necessary consent to use their visuals and process their personal data. We believe in respect, trust, and fostering a supportive environment for all involved.

Together, let’s inspire positivity, unleash creativity, and create a vibrant community. ♥