Positive Prints Contest Rules

Positive Prints Contest Rules

I. Organizer

  1. The organizer of the competition and the administrator of the personal data of the participants is Positive Prints Sp. z o.o. (LLC) with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Puławska 145 (postcode 02-715), entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by The District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Economic Department of The National Court Register, under the number KRS: 0000839033 (National Court Register Number).
  2. The contact information for competition-related matters is as follows:

II. Participants

  1. Participants of the Competition may only be persons with full legal capacity who have purchased a product in the https://positiveprints.com/ store and have correctly completed the competition task.
  2. The Participant of the Competition may take part in the competition once, every time they purchase in the https://positiveprints.com/ store, and complete the competition task.
  3. Participation in the competition is voluntary and free of charge.
  4. By entering the competition, the Participant declares that they:
    • agree and accept the Contest Rules and undertake to abide by them,
    • agree to the processing of personal data for purposes related to participation in the Competition,
    • and grant a non-exclusive license to the Organizer to use the Competition entry specified under these Terms and Conditions.
  5. The Organizer is entitled to reject entries that are incomplete, defective, illegal, or violate any rights or property of third parties or the Organizer. The Organizer also has the right to reject applications that contain content that is generally considered offensive, pornographic, promoting hatred on any grounds, or discriminating against social groups.

III. Place, time, and the task of the competition

  1. The competition begins on: February 1st, 2023, and will continue until the Organizer terminates it. The end of the competition will be announced no later than 2 months before its end. The Organizer will announce the termination of the competition in the same manner as its start.
  2. The Organizer announces the start and the end of the competition on their website, as well as on the social media run by the Organizer.
  3. In order to participate in the Competition, the Participant should send an application with the Competition entry via the form available on the website: https://positiveprints.com/video-unboxing/
  4. The Competition task consists of preparing and sending to the Organizer, during the period of the Competition, a competition entry in the form of a short video of the unboxing of the poster or giving it to another person if the poster was ordered as a gift.

IV. Method of selection of the winners

  1. A two-person competition committee appointed by the Organizer (referred to as the “Competition Committee”) is responsible for the proper conduct of the Competition and the selection of the Winners.  
  2. Winners will be selected once every three months for the Competition duration. After the end of each three consecutive months, no later than the 5th day following the third month, the Competition Committee will select one Participant who best completed the competition task within the indicated time period and correctly submitted it (referred to as the “Winner”).
  3. The Competition Committee will evaluate the competition tasks regarding their creativity, originality, and attractiveness. 
  4. Information about the winner will be announced within 7 days from the date of selection of the Winner:
    • to the Winner in the form of a private message to the email address provided in the application
    • and in the form of a winner announcement on the Organizer’s website at: https://positiveprints.com/video-unboxing/

V. The prize

  1. The Organizer is the sponsor of the prizes.
  2. The following prizes will be awarded to each Winner:
    • grand prize: an electronic Amazon Gift Card worth $500
    • and an additional cash prize in the amount of 11.11% of the grand prize to cover the lump sum tax on the value of all prizes, which will not be paid to the Winner, as the Organizer is required to pay this amount as a tax on winnings to the competent tax office.
  3. The Organizer will contact the Winner, at the email address provided in the application, to transfer the prize.
  4. The prizes will be issued under the condition that all the necessary information, in particular: the name, surname, and the address of residence of the Winner, is provided to the Organizer upon request.
  5. The Organizer will not be liable for failing to hand the prize to the Winner if the Winner did not provide the information mentioned above or provided it incorrectly. In such a case, the Organizer will select another Winner from the remaining entries sent during the competition period. 
  6. The Winner may waive their right to the prize, but they are not entitled to a cash equivalent or any other prize.
  7. The Winner cannot transfer the rights to the awarded prize to a third party.
  1. By entering the contest, the Participant declares that they own unlimited property copyright to the work (or works), constituting the competition task and that the work does not violate any rights or goods of third parties or of the Organizer, especially copyright and personal rights. 
  2. Upon submitting the competition task, the Participant grants the Organizer a free and non-exclusive license, without the time and territorial restrictions, which includes the use of the works submitted as a competition task for marketing and promotional purposes of the Organizer.
  3. The license is granted in the following fields of operation:
    • in terms of distribution: public display, playback, and sharing in such a way that everyone can have access to it at a place and time of their own choosing on the Organizer’s website, newsletter, and social media
    • within the scope of recording and multiplication of the work – production of copies of the work by a specific technique, including printing, reprography, and magnetic recording, in particular by digital technique.
  4. The Participant allows the Organizer to create arrangements, alterations, and adaptations of the work, as well as to dispose of the arrangements, alterations, and adaptations of the work.
  5. The Participant declares that they will not exercise their personal rights in a manner that restricts the Organizer from exercising its rights to the work. In particular, the Participant will not exercise the right to decide on the publication of the work and on the preservation of its integrity.
  6. Suppose the image of the Participant has been recorded in the competition task video. In that case, the Participant agrees to the Organizer’s unlimited by time and territory distribution of the mentioned image on the Organizer’s websites and social media for informational purposes and to promote the business of the Organizer.
  7. In a situation where the image of a third party has been recorded in the competition task video, the Participant declares that they have obtained the consent of this person (or persons) for unlimited by time and territory distribution of their image on the Organiser’s websites and social media for information purposes and for promoting the Organiser’s business.

VII. Personal data

  1. The administrator of the personal data of the Participants is the Organizer.
  2. The lawful basis for the processing of personal data is the voluntary, specific, conscious, and unambiguous consent of the data subject, expressed by accepting the Contest Rules. The person has the right to withdraw their consent at any time. In terms of recognizing complaints and possibly asserting claims, the lawful basis is the legitimate interest of the administrator. In terms of fulfilling the obligation to keep records of prizes and award winners, the lawful basis is the administrator’s legal obligation.
  3. Providing personal data is voluntary, however, it is necessary for an interested person to become a Participant in the Competition. 
  4. The purpose of data processing is to carry out the competition by the Organizer, in particular, to analyze the competition tasks, to select the Winners, to consider any complaints, and in the case of Winners to notify them about the prize and its transfer. In the case of persons whose image was recorded in the competition task to fulfill the legitimate interest of the administrator, i.e. marketing and promotion of the Organizer’s business.
  5. The Organizer may entrust personal data to entities the help of which implements the above-mentioned purposes, including a hosting company. 
  6. Personal data will be processed until the withdrawal of the consent or until the expiry of the limitation period for civil law claims.
  7. The person whose data is processed by the Administrator has the following rights: the right to access the data, the right to correct the data, the right to restrict data processing, the right to object to data processing, the right to delete the data (the so-called right to be forgotten), the right to data portability, the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in relation to with the processing of personal data by the Administrator.
  8. To exercise your rights or to contact us regarding your personal data, please write to us at the following email address: [email protected]

VIII. Complaint

  1. All complaints regarding the conduct of the Competition, Participants should submit by e-mail to: [email protected], with the title “Complaint – Competition”.
  2. The written complaint should contain the name, surname, and complete address of the Participant and a detailed description and justification of the complaint.
  3. Complaints will be acknowledged within 14 days.

IX. Final Provisions

  1. Contest Rules are available on the Organizer’s website at: https://positiveprints.com/positive-prints-contest-rules/
  2. The Competition is not a lottery.
  3. In matters not covered in these Contest Rules, the generally applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply. However, the choice of law does not deprive the Participants of their rights under the mandatory laws of the country of their permanent residence.
  4. The Organizer will make every effort to settle any disputes that may arise in connection with the conduct of the Competition.
  5. The Organizer may make changes to the Contest Rules for important reasons, i.e.: changes in the law, to the extent that these changes affect the implementation of the provisions of these Contest Rules. The Organizer will inform about the changes 14 days before their implementation. The changes do not apply to applications sent before changes to the Contest Rules are introduced.
  6. Contest Rules shall come into force on  February 1st, 2023.