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Personalized Gifts for Weddings

A personalized wedding gift might not be on your couple's gift registry, but it's one that they'll cherish for years to come. Taking the extra step to personalize a gift shows your recipient you put some extra thought into making their day special. It's a gift made just for them, one they'll be proud to receive and display in the home they're building together.

For personalized wedding gifts, a custom wall print is a clear favourite among newlyweds. It might be the first piece of art they'll hang in their new home. And depending on the type of print you choose, it can help to tell a small part of their love story and capture a special moment in time.

Why Choose Wall Art for a Wedding Gift?

Wall art makes the perfect wedding gift for many reasons. For starters, it's a gift that many couples don't think to add to a registry but will instantly fall in love with the moment they see it. Plus, it's an easy choice for the person giving it because most of the design work is already done for you. Your job is to personalize it in a way that your favourite couple will cherish.

Gifters can enjoy the online convenience of ordering custom wall art for weddings. If you're in a time crunch, choose the digital download option to receive a file and have it printed locally. Or, if you order ahead of time, enjoy a professionally printed piece of art delivered to your door for free.

Custom Wall Art Ideas for Weddings

Part of what makes custom wall art such a great gift is that there is no one-size-fits-all. Every print is unique and special to the person you're giving it to. At Positive Prints, we've designed an array of personalized prints that are ideal for wedding gifts. Some of our favourites include:

Where We Met Map

Display the exact location where your favourite couple's love story began on this detailed map.

Stars On Wedding Day

Recreate the night sky on a date that's special to your couple, whether it's the date of the wedding, their engagement, or the day they met.

Moon Poster

Show exactly how the moon looked in the sky on a night of your choice ― past, present, or future.

Hello Will You I Do

The best wedding gift is one that speaks to the heart, reminding you just how special it is to have found your soulmate. Celebrate the moments that brought you here together with a Hello Will You I Do map.

Each of our personalized prints allow you to choose from a variety of colour schemes, add custom lines of text, and select from other elements to make your one-of-a-kind wedding gift.

Ways to Personalize a Wedding Gift

Personalization takes many forms, and your gift should allow you plenty of options to make it special for your newlywed couple.

The simplest way to customize a gift is to add text to it: This might be the couples' names, the date of their wedding, the location of the reception, or other important detail that captures their wedding day.

You might have other ideas in mind, such as the colours of your gift, the size of your wall art, or even the format (e.g., paper, canvas, or a framed poster!). Personalization means having more control over the final product, and custom art prints are the best way to get exactly what you want.

How to Order a Custom Wall Art Print

Ready to get creative? Our done-for-you three-step process makes it easy to turn you into a wedding gift designer. Start here and create a gift your newlywed couple will treasure through the ages!