Custom Star Map

  • Capture the magic of stars by creating a custom star map of the exact location and date
  • Add planets, constellations, and the Milky Way
  • Customize in 3 simple steps
  • Include a meaningful personalized text
  • Preview your design at each step
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With a custom star map, you can recreate the night sky during the most memorable evenings of your life. Our interactive star map editor makes it easy to find the night sky from any date and location.

Do you ever wish you could bring the night sky inside? For many, a sky full of stars has a calming effect. Our sky has been the witness to countless magical moments. And at Positive Prints, we’re making it easy to invite the night sky into your personal space. We encourage you to create your custom star map with us.

Our star maps are a beautiful way to recreate the night sky of your most special events. From wedding nights to births to milestones and more. Learning how to create your personalized star map online will instantly become your go-to gift for all occasions.

What is a custom star map?

Think back to the special moment that tells your life’s story. What did the night sky look like at that very moment in time? Just like the earth, the night sky is ever-evolving. Stars and planets continue on their journey through space. That’s why many people love creating custom star maps. Because they want to remember their treasured moments in life.

A personalized star map is a replication of the night sky on a specific date, time, and location. Every star map print is personalized because no two events in life are quite alike. Our star map generator uses the specific details of your event to create a picture-perfect image.

Are personalized star maps accurate?

In 1989, the European Space Agency launched the Hipparcos satellite to create highly accurate measurements of the celestial bodies in our night sky. From planets and stars to constellations and galaxies. We use data from the Hipparcos to create accurate star maps. That's why we precisely display the sky from any night. Past, present, or future! From any position in the world.

Why are star map gifts so special?

The star map editor makes your gift personal! With the star map creator, you can select the view of the stars as it appears on any date from anywhere in the world. Every custom star map can be supplemented with additional information. The date, time, location of the sky map is visible. You can even add a personalized message! With a few clicks, you can add descriptions to your chart so anyone can identify their favorite stars, planets, and constellations.

You’re looking for a perfect gift idea? A star map by date is certain to leave a lasting impression. No one expects such a fun, personal, meaningful gift. They’ll cherish it forever because it was custom-made for them. It reminds them of an important memory every time they look at it.

Our personalized star maps are the ultimate keepsake for every occasion:

And, with our easy-to-use star map editor, you can even make one gift to yourself!

How to create your own custom star map

At Positive Prints, we’ve taken the guesswork out of creating beautiful personalized prints. This artwork reflects your priceless moments. Our three-step process allows you to customize your map based on your specific dates, locations, and times. You also have control over the color schemes and map details. Stars, constellations, planets, and more. Add custom lines of text to highlight the meaning behind your personalized star map. Everyone will know why this map is special to you!

Do you want to order a hardcopy printed poster? You can select from multiple standard size options that will best fit your space and budget. Each of our prints is created using popular sizes. You can find a suitable frame for display. We use only the finest art paper for our star map prints. It will stand the test of time and resist fading, peeling, and cracking. For every hardcopy print, we offer free worldwide shipping. Whether you order one print or 10!

You can also choose a digital download that will send a download link directly to your inbox. Once received, you can print the poster at the place of your choosing. This is a preferred option when you want to give a last-minute star map gift. When you don’t want to wait for shipping. Here is a closer look at our three-step online process:

1. Select design

Our custom star map designs come in a variety of styles. Circle and heart shapes in several color schemes. These color schemes were selected to provide the greatest contrast that will make your design pop.

Once you select your design, you can select the level of detail you want to display on your star map. The most basic form is the layout of the stars. You can use the toggle switches to apply planets, planet names, constellations, constellation names, the Milky Way, and/or an ecliptic line. You can also add a symbol to your description. Simply copy and paste one of the symbols available online. Each time you make a selection in the design process, you can see the changes in real-time. Once you’re satisfied with your results, click Next Step to enter your personalization details.

2. Enter details

Enter the location of your magical moment and watch how your star map print transforms! That’s because our editor uses real data to determine how the sky looked from a specific location of your choosing. Continue filling in important details, such as the time and date of your event. Add a custom message to your poster to commemorate the occasion. We offer two lines of text (and title and smaller subtitle). Both of which can be printed in a standard or scripted font.

When you’ve entered your details, click on Next Step to finish creating your personalized star map.

3. Choose a format

You can choose between a physical hardcopy print in one of three standard sizes. The default selection is a hardcopy print in a 50 cm by 70 cm size. Feel free to select a different size, displayed in both cm and in. Or, you can click the Instant Digital Download copy. When your print is ready, you will receive the download link in an email. It will allow you to print in your way.

This is the final step before you add your custom star map to the cart. From there, complete the checkout process and pay for your print. And get ready for big smiles!

Customize your star map today!

Start by using our custom star map editor. See how easy and rewarding it is to surprise someone with a gift they’ll treasure for a lifetime!