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Born on a New Moon: What Does It Mean?

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Were you born on a new moon? Though the sky may have been darkened, your birth was a light in the world. And even though you likely don’t recall the blessed event or remember what the moon looked like on that day, it matters more than you might realise.

The moon’s phase can influence you throughout your life, affecting everything from personality traits to moods. This is why some people may act erratic during a full moon or why we may feel energized at certain times of the month over others. This is also true of the moon’s phase on your birthday, as it helps to set the tone for your life’s journey.

If you were born on a new moon, here’s what you need to know (and how you can find out if you were a New Moon baby!).

Invisible Moon, Strong Influence

Even though the new moon can’t easily be seen in the sky, make no mistake that it has a powerful effect on children born under its watch.

This is the phase of new beginnings, a fitting metaphor for a birth. During this phase, the moon and sun are perfectly aligned and help to establish a healthy balance early on in life. The energy in the air is low at this time because it’s considered a restorative period. Rest is critical to regeneration so you can hit the ground running full speed.

There might not be much to see in this night sky, but stealth serves in your favor. Nothing deters you, and everything has potential.

Personality Traits for New Moon Babies

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If full moons are associated with chaos and conflict, then new moons are considered the exact opposite. It’s a symbol of life coming full circle, with one chapter closing as another is beginning. It’s a time for growth, birth, and exploration, a strong start to an unknown journey ahead.

The Good

To reflect this, those born under a new moon are often quite successful. Your heart and mind are in harmony, whereas most people experience war between the two. When you follow one, you automatically follow the other, too.

This beautiful balance extends to other aspects of your life, as well. It gives you confidence because you are in tune with what you want in life and won’t be deterred by darkness or uncertainty.

You take a forward-looking and forward-thinking approach to all things in life, keeping your eye on the horizon and rarely looking back. You’re often the first to try a new idea or visit a new place, which is why most people would consider you creative. You can usually tell whether you’re going to like something because you know what you want and expect from people and experiences. As a result, you’re also quick to take action because you’re certain about what you want in life.

The Bad

Optimism is your default, though sometimes to a fault. You maintain a curious nature even into adulthood and have no trouble seeing the best in every person and situation. This can sometimes work to your disadvantage, though, as it makes it difficult for others to see things on your level and could mean getting burned by people you trust.

It’s also worth mentioning that people born on a new moon enter the world when energies are low. Your motivation serves you well to take your ideas and run with them, but you may find that energy hard to sustain, especially when newer and shinier ideas pull your focus. It’s not uncommon for you to start a new project or carry out an idea, then soon abandon it or hand it off to someone else. This can turn into an endless cycle of unfinished projects and half-baked ideas, which can lead you to feelings of unfulfillment — a painful reality to live for someone who knows how they want their life to be.

The Brutal

The darkness of the night sky is directly reflected in new moon personalities in the form of a lack of self awareness. It’s hard for you to see the type of person you truly are and recognize your strengths and weaknesses. You may also struggle to see the type of person that other people are, too.

Some good news is that you can overcome some of this brutal reality by learning how to use the moon phases to your advantage. Take time for self-reflection during the Full Moon, then use the quarter moon phases for planning your next ambitions. These are the moments when self-doubt is highest, and this can help to ground some of your ideas into realistic terms.

How Do I Find Out if I Was Born on a New Moon?

Were you born on a new moon? Use our moon phase birthday print creator to input your birthday and location of birth to see what the moon looked like on the day you were born! you can order a printed moon phase poster or a moon pillow later.