Upload Guidelines

Upload Guidelines

1. You accept our privacy policy.

2. You have full distribution and commercial use rights of the file.

3. The file does not disturb any personal rights or copyrights.

4. The file does not contain controversial content such as violence, nudity or any other illegal content.

5. You protect Positive Prints against any claims resulting from breach of rights to the uploaded file.

6. Positive Prints  reserves the right to individually evaluate the sent file and to delete it and cancel the order.

Audio file requirements:

1. Allowed file formats: MP3, AAC, M4A

2. Maximum file size: 5 MB

3. Maximum duration time: 6 min.

4. If the added file is longer than 6 minutes, its soundwave will be cutted to this length.

Image file requirements:

1. Allowed file formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG

2. Maximum file size: 10 MB

3. Recommended image resolution: 120-300 DPI