Engagement Map

  • Forever cherish the spot where you said 'yes' by creating a custom map
  • Mark a special spot with a chosen symbol
  • Customise in 3 simple steps
  • Include a meaningful personalised text
  • Preview your design at each step
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Discover the Beauty of an Engagement Map Print

Every map unfolds a unique journey, but some journeys hold a special place in our hearts. Your journey as a couple took a remarkable turn when you said "yes" to forever. Capture this exceptional moment and preserve it for a lifetime with an Engagement Map gift.

An Engagement Map is more than just a map; it's a poignant tribute to the exact location where your love story took a new and enduring direction. It's a beautifully personalised map print that encapsulates a chapter of your unique love story, a chapter which you'll take pride in sharing with anyone who steps into your home.

This intricately crafted memento not only commemorates a significant milestone in your relationship but also serves as a stunning piece of art that blends seamlessly with your home decor. It's an invitation to relive the magic of that pivotal moment whenever you glance at it.

Engagement Gift Idea

Looking for a truly meaningful engagement gift idea? Our Engagement Map prints are the perfect choice for newly engaged couples, making them a cherished addition to the home they are building together. In fact, it might just become the very first piece of art that graces their walls!

Engagement maps aren't limited to just engagement celebrations; they also make an ideal gift for weddings, anniversaries, or any holiday that holds sentimental value. Our prints are available in standard sizes, ensuring easy framing so you can effortlessly complete your personalised engagement gift.

Make your gift stand out as a symbol of enduring love and a treasured reminder of that pivotal moment when two lives merged into one. With Engagement Map prints, you're not just giving a gift; you're giving a piece of their unique love story.

Crafting Your Perfect Engagement Map

When customising your Engagement Map, Positive Prints puts the creative reins firmly in your hands. We've taken care of the heavy lifting, but the final product is entirely up to you.

To begin, you have the freedom to choose from various map shapes and colour schemes. This allows you to seamlessly match the map to the couple's decor, ensuring it complements their home beautifully. The map itself can take the form of a heart, circle, or square, offering an extra layer of personalisation. Further, you can enhance the aesthetics with cool colour filters such as beach glass, vintage, or carbon to achieve the desired effect.

In step two of this creative journey, you can pinpoint the exact location by typing in a city, state, address, or even a specific point of interest. Our cutting-edge technology swiftly identifies your chosen location, and you can zoom in or out to frame your map as you see fit. Consider adding a map marker to emphasise the exact spot where your romantic journey transitioned from dating to engagement.

  • “She Said Yes!”
  • “He asked. She said yes!”
  • “Will you marry me?”
  • “Our Engagement”
  • “No longer available.”
  • “He put a ring on it.”
  • “He asked. I said ‘About damn time’.”
  • “My heart is lighter; my hand is heavier”
  • “It’s only the beginning…”
  • “I always knew you were my soulmate.”

Finally, in step three, you can determine the format of your print. Choose between a convenient digital download or enjoy the convenience of free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep. We offer the option to print on canvas or ship a poster with a frame, allowing you to select the format and size that best suits your preferences.

With these customisable options at your fingertips, you're not just crafting an Engagement Map; you're creating a unique, heartfelt masterpiece that will be cherished for years to come. Let Positive Prints turn your vision into a reality.