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Born on a Waxing Moon: What Does It Mean?

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Between the new moon and the full moon is the waxing moon phase. Every night after the new moon, the beautiful glowing orb in the sky glows a little more than the night before. If you were born on a waxing moon, you should know that it’s influenced some of your personality traits and tendencies. Here’s a closer look at what it means to be born on a waxing moon:

The Many Phases of a Waxing Moon

Once the new moon phase is gone, the waxing moon begins. This period spans three distinct phases: the waxing crescent moon, the first quarter moon, and the waxing gibbous moon. 

The waxing crescent moon is but a sliver of illumination. It might strike you as a smile in the sky, depending on the angle of the moon. Within days, the crescent moon gives way into the first quarter moon, which is also referred to as a half moon. Half of the visible moon’s face is lit, but in reality it’s just a quarter since the entire other side of the moon remains dark. Finally, the gibbous moon continues to fill and grow just prior to the full moon. It’s nearing its full potential but doesn’t quite completely fill the perfectly round shape of the moon.

Each of these waxing moon phases has been attributed as having different impacts on personality and behaviors, both for people born during this phase and for all living individuals as the moon nears its peak. For now, let’s focus on what to expect when you’re born during a waxing moon.

What it Means if You’re Born on a Waxing Moon Phase

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Babies born on the waxing crescent moon are curious spirits that have a thirst for adventure.

The waxing moon is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and growth after a new moon. It’s no surprise that the personalities of people born during this time often reflect the same sentiments. 

Positive Personality Traits

Babies born on the waxing crescent moon are curious spirits that have a thirst for adventure. They want to learn and explore new things, and given this is the first phase of growth in the moon cycle, it’s common for individuals to have a growth mindset in life, too.

When the first quarter moon appears, you’re under a harmonious balance of light and dark. This balance can work in your favor in terms of growth, but it can also hold you back. For example, you might have all the tools and knowledge you need to move forward with your life goals, but might also need some extra motivation and encouragement from family or friends. The good news: you love a challenge and have accepted early on in life that you are the main character in your story. You thrive on achievements and have a tendency to get things done. Many people turn to you for help in this regard because of your proactive nature and ability to solve problems.

Last but not least, waxing gibbous birthdays are just shy of the full moon and its peak energy. You’re likely a nurturing, caring person that naturally guides others. Leadership is in your DNA and you push yourself and others to go after goals and make life what you want it to be.

Tendencies to Beware

For waxing crescent moon individuals, remember the energy levels are still low coming out of a new moon phase. Though you may be curious and adventurous, you also remain conservative when it comes to taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone. You have a desire to grow, but often need to be pushed in that direction due to a lower energy and a penchant for security. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and try new things. 

For quarter moon babies, remember that the balance of light and dark also lives within you. Though you may be fully capable of achieving your innermost desires, you must also contend with the fact that you could be holding yourself back. You could end up turning molehills into mountains or letting a lack of patience create friction that could have been avoided.

For waxing gibbous birthdays, perfectionism can be toxic. You’re aware of your potential and strive to be the best version of yourself in everything you do. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing until it turns into an uncontrollable obsession. Recognize that things will never be truly perfect, and learn to be okay with this.

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