Happy Birthday Soundwave Art

✓ Turn the simple phrase “Happy Birthday” into one of a kind keepsake
✓ Customize your artwork in 3 easy steps
✓ Use our templates or play with colours on your own
✓ Hooray – the shipping is on us
✓ Instant preview of your personalized design

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Happy birthday — it’s a phrase you’ve heard countless times in life. But it means more when it comes from those you consider special. Turn their voices into a forever treasure with our Happy Birthday Soundwave Art.

Unique Birthday Wishes You’ll Cherish Forever

Every birthday is special. But it’s not just another trip around the sun that makes it that way. It’s about getting to celebrate with the people you love. That’s why there’s no better gift than our happy birthday sound art.

We take a recording of a loved one saying Happy Birthday (or singing the entire song!) and turn it into a beautiful, custom piece of art. And any time you need to hear their voice, just scan the QR code and play the soundwave in real time. Though our loved ones may no longer have birthdays to celebrate, these soundwave posters can preserve their voices and all the special things they used to tell you — like a simple Happy Birthday.

Creative Way To Say Happy Birthday

Creating visual art from a sound is easy with Positive Prints. We’ve designed our technology to transform any sound into a family heirloom that can be passed down through generations. Just upload an audio file and watch your soundwave art come to life.

Choose from our expertly designed templates that add color and context to your soundwave. Include a caption or other text to illustrate your story. Then choose how you’d like to receive your print — as a hardcopy premium poster, print on canvas, or an instant digital download. There’s no better personalized gift than to feel close to the ones you love, even if they’re no longer here to celebrate your birthday with you.

The Ultimate ‘Happy Birthday’ Personalized Gifts

Capture all the fine details of a loved one with our unique Happy Birthday Soundwave Art. It’s truly the gift that keeps giving. Personalize it your way and give the gift of a lifetime. Get started here.