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Born on a Full Moon: What Does It Mean?

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People who were born on a full moon are more likely to turn into werewolves, right? Just kidding of course, but the full moon does have an effect on personalities and energies. We may feel a heightened sense of energy or vibrancy on the night of a full moon. Police have said there’s a different vibe in the air when the moon peaks. Doctors and nurses say that hospitals fill up faster and more babies are delivered on a full moon compared to any other time. There must be something to it!

Here’s the truth: if you were born on a full moon, you may find that certain personality traits and tendencies are no coincidence. Just like your zodiac sign, the moon phase can have a lot to do with your life’s journey. Here’s what you need to know about being born on a full moon and how to channel this unique circumstance to your advantage.

Full Moon Means High Energy

Let’s state the obvious: full moon is the peak energy phase of the moon cycle, so it’s no surprise that being born on a full moon also harnesses this energy. This is the time when full moon rituals are in full swing: crystals are being charged and cleansed, desires are being manifested, and creative breakthroughs abound.

This is all because of the stronger gravitational pull of the earth on the moon. Plans are coming to fruition and are in full abundance. Knowing this, it’s hardly shocking that people born on a full moon share these feelings of being energized and inspired.

what does being born on a full moon mean
Full moon is the peak energy phase of the moon cycle, so it’s no surprise that being born on a full moon also harnesses this energy.

Personality Traits for Full Moon Birthdays

Full moon children often experience limitless contradictions, especially during the quarter moon phases where the moon is equally light and dark. Life is a delicate balancing act to maintain equilibrium between emotion and logic.

However, this type of personality also comes with a number of advantages:

All the Good Things

Because of your high energy potential, you have so much power to carry you toward your greatest ambitions. No idea seems too unconventional or off-limits, so allow yourself to give into your wildest dreams because you have the best shot of making them a reality.

The key is learning how to channel this energy. The constant battle between mind and heart can be burdensome, but it can also be the catalyst you need to stop spinning your wheels and move forward with a goal.

Many people are drawn to full moon children because of their vibrance and powerful presence. You bring light to their lives and they feel energized when they’re around you. You’re confident, active, and are often considered the life of the party, all of which make others gravitate toward you.

If you’re more of an introvert, a vibrant exterior is replaced by a subtle inner glow. People are still drawn to you but in a less obtrusive way. The way you carry yourself makes people want to be around you, even if it’s not obvious.

Full moon children are natural leaders and should take care to harness their energy in the right way. During waning phases, you may find your energy levels also wane. This is a great time to pause and reflect, as well as plan your next move. If you are constantly meeting failures during this phase, take it as a sign to pull back and refocus. Take a vacation or put projects on hold until the new moon brings you clarity. During the waxing phase, you’ll start to feel more alive and alert, which is the ideal time to start a new project.

All the Hard Truths

Energy can be one of our greatest assets, but it can also be difficult to control. This is especially true for full moon babies: during a full moon, the sun is located directly opposite of the moon. The two are at conflict, which means that the sun (which controls your mind and logic) and the moon (which influences your heart and emotions) are at war from the moment you’re born.

These struggles often manifest throughout your life’s journey and may make you feel conflicted when choosing between what your heart and mind are telling you. As a result, you may also come off as indecisive because you have so many different thoughts and priorities pulling you in different directions. Decisions are not easy, sometimes to the point where you decide not to decide at all!

How Do I Find Out if I Was Born on a Full Moon?

Were you one of the many to be born on a full moon? Use our moon phase birthday poster creator to input your birthday and see what the moon looked like on the night you were born.

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Energy can be one of our greatest assets, but it can also be difficult to control.