Pet Memorial Photo Gift

✓ Turn a photo of your pet into a one-of-a-kind memorial gift
✓ Customize your artwork in 3 easy steps
✓ Add text overlays to make each gift special and meaningful
✓ Hooray – the shipping is on us
✓ Instant preview of your personalized design


Losing a pet is like losing a beloved member of the family. They filled your home — and your heart — with their companionship and love. To keep their memory alive, consider a pet memorial photo gift from Positive Prints.

Keep the Love Going Strong

Your pet was unlike any other, and the way you remember them should be, too. A pet memorial photo gift is a beautiful way to pay tribute to the pet that meant so much to you. Though they’ve passed on, you’ll never forget the memories you made together or the joy they brought you when you needed it most.

We designed our pet memorial picture frame and pet memorial canvas gifts to help you celebrate the animals in your life. Keep their love going strong and know they always have a special place in your heart.

How It Works

People choose to memorialize their pets in many ways. Choosing a photo print from Positive Prints is an almost effortless option, as our photo editor does most of the work for you.

Choose a photo of your pet (or maybe one of the two of you together!), then load it into our intuitive editor. Choose from a pre-designed template, then start customizing it with your own text. This might be your pet’s name, the date of their passing, or even a quote or song lyric that reminds you of them. Then, choose how you’d like to receive your pet memorial photo gift — a print, print on canvas, or digital download. We can ship your gift directly to your door, or you can receive the digital file to print yourself.

Create Your Pet Memorial Photo Gift

Gain a sense of peace and comfort after a pet’s passing by knowing they’ll never be forgotten. Enjoy the lives you created together and share those moments with others with our pet memorial photo gifts. Get started today.