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Have you ever met someone who finds comfort in the moon? Or perhaps you are strangely captivated by the moon and feel energized and at peace every time you look into the night sky. There’s a word for these people: selenophile. And they probably love the moon phase gifts.

Selenophilia is the love for the moon. Some may even say that selenophiles are “moon sensitive” because they feel drawn to the moon, almost like a magnet. You notice the moon, even when it’s not full and shining its brightest, or when it seems distant and small. You can’t help but look skyward when you’re out at night, and are usually aware of what phase the moon is in.

When you look at the moon, you may feel a strange yet calming kinship with the silvery orb. This unique connectedness is a powerful feeling, and anyone who considers themselves a selenophile can find energy, renewal, and tranquility by having the moon close to them at all times.

Whether you’re a selenophile or you know someone who is, there’s no better gift idea than unique moon phase gifts that cater to the inner chakras.

Why is the Moon So Magical?

For centuries, the moon has been the star of stories, legends, and rituals. Many believe that the moon holds unique celestial power that impacts life here on Earth, including our energy, our moods, and the balances of nature itself. We see moon magic all around us, from the way the tides change to the way people behave when the full moon is rising.

But even if you don’t believe in moon magic, the moon still holds us captive. It sparks questions about our universe and the existence of life. It adds intrigue to the night sky and induces a sense of calmness and serenity. These feelings are like a form of magic in their own right, especially if all it takes to let go and destress is a little one on one time with the moon.

For anyone who feels this special connection to lunar activity, the best moon phase gifts make it hard for any other gift to compare.

The Power of Personalized Moon Phase Gifts

The wall above the bed is decorated with a moon phase gift

Moon phase gifts can be powerful all on their own, but adding a layer of personalization adds something even more special and beholden. It’s not only a testament of knowing a loved one’s affinity for the moon, but also giving them something that’s truly one of a kind and made just for them.

The best moon phase gifts are already personal to some degree. They’re not your ordinary run of the mill gift that can be bought at just any store. Moon phase gifts are very niche items and typically only stand out to selenophiles. When you’re able to fuel someone’s affinity for the moon, they already know you’ve gone the extra mile (to the moon and back!) to make their experience memorable.

But the personalization doesn’t have to stop there. Adding special inscriptions, dates, quotes, or memories to your gift can make the occasion even more special. And every time they use or look at their gift, they’ll think of you.

Moon Phase Gifts for Every Occasion

Moon phase gifts come in all shapes and sizes, from moon lamps to moon crystals to moon jewelry. But for gifts that will be cherished and enjoyed for years to come, there’s arguably no better gift than a personalized prints.

A moon phase poster brings back the memories of a special night in your life. Each moon print is designed according to what the moon looked on a specific date from a selected location. This way, looking at the poster will be much like looking at the same moon from that very night.

Moon phase posters make excellent moon phase gifts for any occasion, including:

  • Birthdays
  • Wedding presents
  • Holiday gifts
  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries
  • Retirements
  • New births
  • Any special milestone you want to remember

And because each moon phase poster is custom made to order based on your specific date and location, every gift is truly one of a kind.

About Our Moon Phases Poster

Moon related gift for toddler room

At Positive Prints, we’ve made it easy to create a custom moon phase poster to commemorate your most magical moments. You have total control over your date and location, and can choose from multiple size options, colour schemes, and even custom text.

For special occasions, you can order a masterfully crafted print in a standard size that makes framing a breeze. Or for last minute moon phase gifts, choose a digital download that eliminates shipping time. We’ve also added our unique moon phase pillows to the collection, so you can snuggle up to your most precious memories.

Create a Custom Moon Phases Poster Today!

If you want to give a fun, unique gift that’s sure to be loved and cherished over the years, our moon phases poster is an excellent option. Printed on the highest quality art paper designed for perfect colour rendering and will last for decades, a custom poster allows you to share the moon magic with fellow selenophiles.