Photo Gift for Friends

✓ Customize your photo gift for friends with photos and text
✓ Customize your artwork in 3 easy steps
✓ Add text overlays to make each gift special and meaningful
✓ Hooray – the shipping is on us
✓ Instant preview of your personalized design
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Life would be boring without the adventures with and support of our friends. Show your tribe just how much they mean to you with a personalized photo gift for friends from Positive Prints.

Wow Your Friends with Customized Gifts

Your best friend probably already knows how special they are to you. That’s because they probably feel the exact same way! Still, a photo gift for friends is a great way to solidify your friendship and keep the good times coming.

Photo gifts for best friends are an excellent choice for milestone celebrations, weddings, graduations, moves, or anytime you want to share your most treasured memories together. There’s no wrong way to show you care.

At Positive Prints, we make it easy to show you care with personalized photo gifts for friends. They’re fun and easy to make, take only a few minutes, and are completely one of a kind. You won’t find photo gifts like these in stores — because only the best will do for your BFFs!

How It Works

At Positive Prints, we believe in gifting your way. We just offer support to help you shine. That's why we've combined the expertise of a designer with a do-it-yourself approach to give you the best of both worlds.

Start by choosing a pre-designed template that will be the basis of your photo project. From there, choose your favorite photos to upload, then customize them with text. Many of our customers choose to include a quote, song lyrics, your names, the location of the photo, or anything else that will trigger those special memories.

We also give you a wide range of ways to gift. Choose from a high-quality poster print, a print on canvas, or a digital download that you can have printed locally.

Create a Photo Gift for Friends in Minutes

Show your friends just how much they mean to you in a way they'll appreciate. Although the distance may sometimes keep you apart, your photo gifts can help you feel closer than ever. Get started today.