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Wedding Map

Your wedding day is a milestone moment, one that began well before you chose your shoes, dress, venue, and flowers. Celebrate the day throughout the rest of your life together with a custom Wedding Map gift.


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  • 🗺️ Custom wedding map showing the exact spots where you met, got engaged, and married
  • 💕 Excellent gift idea for anniversaries, weddings, Valentine’s Day, or other special occasions
  • 🗺️ Fast, free shipping worldwide or digital download available
  • 💕 Select your locations, choose your colours, and add lines of text to make every map unique
  • 🗺️ Create your custom wedding map in minutes!

What is a Wedding Map?

Every map is a patchwork of paths leading to many destinations. But what makes a map meaningful is that it leads you to a place that matters to you. That’s the beauty of a wedding map: it’s a map that illustrates your journey to the altar.

Your custom wedding map could be a series of three maps: the place where you first met your love of a lifetime, the place where you both said I Will, and last but not least, the place where you said I Do! Each map displays a heart-shaped symbol of where the magic happened so you can revisit that place over and over again.

Ideas for a Our Love Story Map Gift

A custom wedding map gift is such a beautiful way to illustrate a part of your love story. It’s a piece of art that’s unique to every couple, one that can be passed down through generations and give a look back in time.

To make the most of your treasured gift, you can customise it with text, song lyrics, quotes, dates, or anything that will make it even more sentimental. Some of our favorites include:

  • “Forever begins.”
  • “I do… forever.”
  • “You are my today and all of my tomorrows.”
  • “And the two shall become one.”
  • “Together, we build a life we love.”

How you choose to share your story is up to you!

Many of our customers at Positive Prints choose a wedding map gift to surprise a loved one on their anniversary, Valentine’s Day, birthday, or other holiday. Or if you’re celebrating a special couple in your life, you can surprise them with a wedding map that will be their first piece of artwork in their new home.

Personalising Your Wedding Map with Positive Prints

Every custom map we make at Positive Prints uses cutting-edge GPS technology and puts you in control over the final design. Our map creator makes it easy for you to choose how your map looks.

Every wedding anniversary map gift starts with a basic design. Select your map shape and colour scheme, including unique options like beachglass or vintage colours, or create your own colour scheme to match your home decor.

Next, choose the location of your three special days. This could be the address of your first date, the spot of your engagement and the place where you decided to spend forever together. Include custom text to call out the location’s significance, such as the name of the place or the date of your special day. Or, use a favorite quote or line of poetry. There’s no wrong way to customise!

Last but not least, choose how you want to receive your wedding map print: digital download, hardcopy print, print on canvas.

Start Creating Your Custom Wedding Map!

Every wedding map is truly one of a kind. Your love is like no other, and it deserves to be shared. Create your custom wedding map print and tell your story to all who enter your home.